Anyone Else Quit Chewing Tobacco?

Alright, this is day 3 for me with no Grizzly. I was wondering if anyone else has ever quit the stuff? Any pointers? I have been chewing like a pack of gum a day.

I quit. Whenever you crave it, chew gum and put it in your lip as if it were a dip.

Grizzly was my favorite too. I miss that shit so much.

how long ago did you quit? and how long before you didn’t get the urge to explode/break something because of no nicotine?

I still get the urge. I think about going and buying a can every day. I quit about 2 weeks ago, actually. It doesn’t help I just got a free mud jug in the mail from Skoal yesterday.

I quit smokes recently… Remind yourself why your quitting constantly, and don’t be a pussy. I didn’t stop getting cravings until a month I would say. They did get progressivly weaker and weaker though which was nice.

i worked in the engine room of ships for a couple of years, so when i wasn’t smoking on deck i was chewing copenhagen straight cut. double tobacco addiction. quit both at the same time. several times (took at least 6 attempts). the last time (going on 8 months tobacco free now) was easy because i wanted to quit.

i tried the herbal substitutes etc. cold turkey was the only way for me. best decision of my life. stay strong. and if you hit the tin again, do your pinch, then toss the rest of it and start over.


I’ve been dip-free for over 200 days now (quit right before deploying). I used the nicorette gum, started with 4mcg, after 3 weeks, down to 2mcg, then switched to chewing gum. For about a month I still felt the urge to dip whenever I was around it, but after 2 months, that went away. Every once in awhile I still have the urge, but I just think that it would only take one dip to get hooked again, and find something else to do.

You can do this, just take it a day at a time, and before you know it, you’ll hardly ever think about it.

yea dude. I don’t want my fucking jaw removed.

I crave a dip after I eat and workout, because that’s when I used to pack a fatty. Gotta break that habit.

I used to chew Cope (straight, long cut, snuff… whatever, as long as it was Cope), but quit back in 2006… just quit cold turkey. Had a few cravings, but nothing serious, just told myself it was time to quit and then quit. I did start again halfway through my deployment last year, but had my last one on the final leg of the plane ride back from MI to KS… once we got back to Fort Riley to outprocess, I quit again… but this time, no cravings… It’s not really as hard as some people make it out to be… you just have to be strong willed… good luck!

used to dip grizzly or cope. First week is rough, it’s been a couple years and i still miss the hell out of it.

Just keep the gum chewing and don’t dip.

I notice alot of military people posting. Did anyone notice their run times improve on their PFTs after quitting? Just curious.

I used to smoke too… a LONG time ago, when I first came in the military (1994), about a pack and a half a day, and I ran the 2 mile PT test in 12:00… now it takes me about 15:00 to run it, and I don’t smoke (I guess I should add in there that I also weigh about 40 lbs more than I did back then too)… but no change between quitting dipping/chewing and the running…

My dipping buddy went to the doctor and had the beginnings of oral cancer. Hope that’s enough inspiration to know a guy’s best friend might lose his jaw. It sure was for me…

It has been 1 year and i have not chewed, i had chewed since i was 15-16 years old and am now almost 32,

I chew gum like a mad man, and want a chew everyday i get to work, I ask everyone to smell their can just so i can get a whiff of the stuff from time to time,

but over all it is something that is mainly mental after about a month! Anything you usually start or stop doing for about 30 days either breaks or becomes a habit.

get some hypnosis tapes if needed (pretty lame i know)

what ever works for you to quit!!!

chewing tobacco? what the fucl


Please fuck off.

[quote]Therizza wrote:

Please fuck off.[/quote]

I still dont get it

It’s an American thing. Your alien brain can’t comprehend such things. Comprende?

Make sure you really want to quit and aren’t just doing it for external reasons.

For example, if you’re just quitting because your girl doesn’t want you to dip anymore…

yeah. Not going to work. And you’ll just end up resenting her.

I tried to quit and didn’t dip for 3 weeks but then I basically said fuck it and bought a new tin.

I wanted to dip so bad every day until I had the new tin.

Having the new tin in itself relieved my anxious feeling and always thinking about. I’ve had the new tin for about a week. Only had one pinch and almost threw up when I opened it. It was weird as hell.

I did it for my girl though and didn’t want to. shrug

Just don’t do it for your girl. That’s all I can tell you. Bad idea.