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Anyone Else on Myspace?


We need a lighthearted subject. So many ppl here arguing, arguing, arguing. Heck, it's Christmastime, let's uplift our spirits! If anyone is on myspace, please PM me so that I can add you......


What's myspace? I actually was thinking of starting a thread, along the lines of what I am thankful for. Perhaps we could use this one? I am generally fairly ambivalent about such issues, and don't say alot of positive things. But lately, I am feeling pretty lucky to be where I am, so perhaps a positive post would be in order.

\|/ 3Toes


Hey Three toes!!

Go to Myspace.com and sign up...and maybe I'll get to be your first friend!!



Tom is always your first friend!!


Chuck Norris is always everyone's first friend. And if you think that's impossible, you're dead wrong.


I only have facebook ...


Friendster is also good. I found it because a bunch of my friends from the Navy were registered so I did.


Wow! My first friend. LOL.

\|/ 3Toes


Myspace is a great thing.


Tom... who the fuck is tom! haha... funny stuff





Yea, he's got over 42 million friends. Now that's popular!


OK, I am in. Tom was my first friend. I figured he was queer, so I deleted him. Now, I have no friends. hehe

\|/ 3Toes


Nate just might have more shirt-less pictures than I do.....


In theory. In practice 99% of the people on it are dumb as a post.


The only exposure I've had to Myspace is through high school kids that I teach. I had no idea anyone other than little kids used it.


I used to have a MySpace, and I created a T-Nation group there too. I've deleted my profile since but the group's still there. I oblige you all to join.


I joined recently, only to stay in touch with friends. I'm really not a total nerd, promise!

Anyway, how do pimp-out your page? Some people have awsome pages going, and I'm just wonderin'.




Damn man. Two things pop into my head when I saw your Myspace

  1. You REALLY love that dog. I thought it was Foopa's myspace when I was looking at it.

  2. You are pretty muscular. When I saw your pics on this site I didnt think so because my standard of "jacked" is much higher when looking at pics on T-Nation. Pretty much everyone includes a pic of themselved with their shirt off on myspace. When I saw your pics I was impressed.

Keep it up bro