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Anyone Else Noticed?

Has anyone else noticed that the exchanges on this board between the Liberals and the Conservatives seem to be a little more…civil since the election.

I am clearly biased but it seems since a few of the more nastier liberals have ceased posting (fill in your own favorites)that the exchanges have been actually rational in most cases.

I don’t think anyone has changed their mind on anything or jumped ship, Thank God, but the outright personal assaults seemed to have dropped way off.

Of course the quality level of witty insults remains high but I don’t think anyone objected to those if the opinions were well argued and presented.

My two cents…

Good point, hedo. It’s nice to be able to log on and not be assailed with a barrage of personal attacks, you neo-con warmongering Bush-loving ultra-right wing radical pro-life uh… damn. I ran out of labels again. Geez… it’s like I have to study for a damn test before I post around here anymore. I think maybe I’ll stick to fart jokes or something from now on…

I agree. Other than vroom asking me what planet I was from (not all that bad. Certainly not a personal assault) things have been more civil.