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Anyone Else Lower Systolic Blood Pressure with TRT?

ANYONE ELSE have positive changes to their bp? I’ve gone from a pretty regular 118-120 systolic down to consistently. Sub 110 , yesterday down around 102. DIastolic hasn’t changed as much but Down about 4 points as well.

Mine went up

Yeah, typically in a guy who has lost visceral fat, improved glucose metabolism, likely feeling better with more energy so exercising more or with more intensity, etc.

My systolic went from 145-150 to 125-130 after about 4 months on TRT.

Thing is I started this at a good place. Wasn’t like an weight guy who just started exercising and reaped all the benefits. I’ve maybe dropped 3 -5 pounds but most of that is my usual summer weight. Just wondering what the possible physiological connection could be. Possibly higher estrogen and a softening of arterial walls

Doesn’t sound like the above applies to you then. It’s not unusual to see BP change in either direction, and I’m sure due to individual circumstances.