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Anyone else like that HBO show 6 ft Under?

I hate to admit it, but this show f’in rules…I never thought I would see the day when i would watch a show about a family running a funeral home would be cool, but this show is pretty sweet…ya gotta check it out…

It’s not as good as the Osbourne’s!! Now that show fuckin’ RULES!!!

i freaking love that show. as fucked up as it is, man i never miss it. i stop doing everything by 6:58 on sundays so i can watch it. they need some hot chicks on it though. the redhead looks like my butt and brenda lookes like a man.

as good as that show is, its no sopranos. besides being the show with probably the highest T ever, mmmmmm meadow soprano.
also, did you watch band of brothers? it was BADASS!!

6ft is awsome, one of the few shows that I alow myself to watch. Have you noticed that this season they dont have any dead people talking to the charactors, WTF? Thats what made the show so twisted in the first season.