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Anyone Else Here Micro Dose?

So I began micro dosing because my steroid journey originally started as TRT and in that section as well as on the TRT and hormone optimization group on Facebook group not to mention some other seemingly knowledgeable people I’ve talked to have said that was the best way to go.

My question is though for those of you that actually do cycles and run high amounts of gear, do any of you micro dose as in pin every day and if so do you notice any difference when compared to 1 or 2x a week injections?

I’ve been pretty lucky knock on wood in terms of side effects when it comes to taking gear. The biggest cycle i’ve done so far is 500mg test 350 deca a week and 40 of anavar a day and that was all micro dosed and pinned everyday. I did not have 1 side effect except for a touch of acne which to be honest was so minor im not even sure if the drugs caused it.

Right now I am on 500 test, 250 tren a week and again 20 days in and I have not noticed 1 side effect from even the tren except for being insanely horny lol which I don’t see that as a bad thing really.

I have read a lot of people say with especially tren they think the main cause of the sides is due to using ace and the hormone fluctuation. Since ace is fast acting such a powerful drug just slamming into your body many people i’ve talked to and things i’ve read on the internet think that could be why.

I am very curious to hear everyone elses opinion on this. I know a big reason I switched from 2x a week with just test when I was on trt is because anything over 150mg a week pinned 2x a week or less and I noticed erectyle dysfunction immideately. Pinning daily has solved that.

I have also heard anything over 125 mg at a time and your body simply cannot process it and the majority of it goes to waste.

I’d love to hear everyones thoughts on this.

I do feel like I had less sides from test pinning Test C EOD instead of 2x/wk. But dammit I can’t pin that often for a long period of time. My cycle was around 105 days and at like day 50 I was questioning pinning EOD. But I do largely agree that pinning more often is the way to go if you can handle it

I’m not sure what size needle you were using but I use 30g 1/2 for daily and honestly you don’t even feel it. IF I was using the standard 1 inch 22g I don’t think I could do it either.

Yea I was using a 25g needle. I imagine pinnin 1.6 mL of oil would go slow with a 30g

I’m micro dosing this current blast. TC, NPP, some left over Primo until its gone. Its about 0.6mL ED. I don’t seem to have many side effects either right now, and now that you mention it yes less acne.

I think you’ve misinterpreted what microdosing entails. Microdosing would refer to using minimal dosages of hormones, not small amounts taken every day of which proportionately adds up to taking a solid weekly dose of gear.

Not true, if this were true you wouldn’t see professional bodybuilders using thousands of milligrams per week.


I’m doing close to 1ml with 29 gauge, and it’s under a minute.

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