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Anyone Else Have This Pain?

Just done a 1ml shot of test e, normal procedure etc. Soon after i had stuck the needle to my right glute in i got a sharp pain in my right side (liver area) leaving me almost breathless. I was twisting round a lot (lying on my side) so could that have caused it?

Anyways, after i had injected about half of the test i was hit by a wave of nausia, and had to fight the urge to puke whilst doing my shot. The needle did feel closer to a nerve than normal, but otherwise same stuff, same type needle, same procedure. I wasn’t scared or nervous about doing my shot either.

This has passed now thankfully. Just wondering though, anyone else experienced this kind of injection weirdness?

I’m no expert by any means, I just started a few months ago. I notice that frequently. Sometimes I blast the needle in there and I feel nothing and other times I feel a wicked pain like I hit a sensitive nerve or something and will have excessive bleeding when this happens, but never like I was going to be sick.

Injecting into a blood vessel can make you feel sick. A sure sign is an urge to cough as the oil gets into the lungs. [Did that once with .5ml.]

If you map your injection sites, you are not going to hit a major nerve or blood vessel. Glutes require precision. Map out the landmarks, press the end of a needle cap against those two locations, then find the injection point relative to those and press a mark there. Swap that injection target and then shoot it. That is about as controlled as I could figure out. You might be better off standing in front of a mirror to mark and swab, then lie down and pretend you are contortionist! I found it all quite time consuming. Some probably master things free-hand, but I was too concerned for that.

I abandoned that technique for my weenie TRT injections and use a slin pin every other day for 28mg into the quads.

Arteries and veins have nerves. When you hit them there is a widespread pain that is diffuse, not really anchored to the injection site. That may be part of it. Hitting a nerve is simply shocking. The uger to puke can be a simple state of shock.

There is the possibility of serous [read crippling] sciatic nerve damage if one is not careful.

Thanks guys, i think the pain was from me twisting too much as was injecting and possibly putting pressure on my liver (can you do that?). Im thinking that i little of my test may have got into a vein as my chest feels pretty tight and tickley when i inhale deeply.

I guess i just had a bad injection, hopefully my next one will go well again!

Cheers for the help,