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Anyone Else Have Sub Q Injection Sides?

I currently run 3 x 20mg test prop 3 x p/w

I pin these sub q into my belly fat and have the last 3 months.

I’m noticing now though that my belly is getting tougher-not muscle either lol-like I always get lumps that go in a matter of days but now the needle is pushed on skin and actually pushes the skin in ,before it suddenly fires through the skin if that makes sense.

Any one else have this?

Did you get a new batch of needles? They might be duller.

No same ones I have used from the start -bought loads.
I can feel it’s harder under the skin-not like an abscess but the skin definitely feels less flexible.

I’ve never had that, but I got a really nasty bruise that literally took months to full go away, will never do Sub-Q for test again because of it. Do it all the time for HCG without issue.

Check your needles. BD are the best on the market by far, don’t go with less expensive substitutes.

Not trying to be a smart ass but have you lost a bunch of weight?

Ive done 6 SQ shots (30g stomach) after converting from IM (25g quads) and my 2nd shot left a quarter size bruise that Ive had for about 10 days now. The shots after have been fine. Not sure the cause. Maybe I moved the needle a little bit too much? Its not sore at all.

No mate,been 95kg last couple of years.
I like your thinking though-detective styles lol

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Thing is I never get a bruise but always get the little lumps(every shot to a degree) it’s weird.
I did wonder if it’s the ester I’m allergic to as when I juiced years ago, I got 2 abscesses in glutes off IM shots pffft.
Oh and my hygiene is on ocd style also-(i always rinse the needles off under tap after use,dirty or not lol)
Just messing I’m crazy on hygiene.

I have experienced a similar thing, and I have no idea why. I do subq four times a week (test and HCG) into my quads and belly. The first 6 weeks on TRT, the needles went in quickly, with little pressure needed and almost no pain. After 6 weeks or so, my skin seemed to toughen and now I have to spend several seconds pushing the needle in. No lumps for me though.

Yes-I thought about alternating sites to help but my legs are really lean so nipping a bit of fat around quad will end up being IM i think…
I did try into the love handles/oblique fat but got a large lump both sides in same week so binned that off.
Reckon you could go IM one week then subq one week or would that mess up blood results due to release times?

I do above upper legs quad. Pitch doesn’t have to be much than I inject sideways parallel to the muscle. Got that from @KSman and it works for me.

For what it’s worth, my belly fat doesn’t like testosterone injections. It’s fine with hCG there (even at EOD) but not testosterone. I use love handles for that. They don’t mind at all.

Ah that’s interesting-so injecting above the quad right?and pointing pin to the floor when goes in?

Do you have any kind of stretch marks on your stomach?

See pic. Sideways . Parrarel to leg ! And veins are very visible .

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Cheers Charlie will try Friday

No stretch marks buddy,I’m not chubby or lean-guess around 20%bf -and 5% leather belly lol

I get belly lumps injecting there. Not just from the volume injected. But not injecting over top of legs. My fat there is low and I can see and avoid veins. Some are the other way around. After 10 years the skin over upper legs is thicker from the T.

Have stretch marks from when I was a kid. They are scars now, I think whenever I hit one, its a little tougher to inject. I also get lumps in my stomach from injecting, but I vigourously rub the area for 20 seconds, about 2 -3 times, about 20 mins after injection. No lumps or pain since I have used this method.

I get bruises on love handle or stomach from T and HCG. I’ve been going into the glutes (seems like there is some fat there) but I like the “above the quad” idea. It’s hard to twist around to hit the glutes.