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Anyone Else Have Extreme Side Effects from Reducing Dose?

hello everyone sorry my english im quebecan. i’ve been on trt for over 5 years now and my first vision on it was bodybuilding related so i taught 300 of enanthate was quite small… but in fact thats fucking high for trt like not even trt considered i think. so i did read here somewhere that low test will kill you and high test will kill you so i tried to take down my dosage from 300 a week to 270 and felt much beter and fixed my problem of short temper and no patience with my wife so i tried to to do 270 to 250 and holy shit its been a NIGHTMARE after the 3rd week i had zero libido no self confidence high social anxiety and fear of doing stuff that would put stress on me. is it in my head ? or is it because ive been so high for so many years that now nothing will work unless it’s in those ranges ? i see people on there be ultimate alphas with 150 a week even 100 what the hell? and i feel like shit and no ambition on 250 ??? so i went back to 270 and i’m waiting to feel beter…im in great need of help from someone that knows their stuff. everyday i go to sleep telling myself 270 is way too high and it will kill me eventually but i feel like garbage on 250 my goal was 200 i cant even IMAGINE 200 i would have suicidal toughts or something…im waiting for the end of isolation to go test my self at the doc and tell him all that but thank you for reading my post and thank you in advance for a reply i really need it.

Have you taken any labs? Normal TRT dose is around 100-200mg/wk. Generally over 200mg /wk is not TRT but there are those that severely under respond. Is this prescribed test so that you know its good and fully potent or UGL?

yeah im prescribed 300mg a week. doctor gave me 200 a week we tested for 6 weeks labs came nice but i still had no libido so we went to 300 after that and it fixed it i take prescribed pharma delatestryl i’l attach the lab report of the 6 weeks of 200mg we did first