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Anyone Else Have Chronic Pancreatitis?


I was born with it. So I have to stick to low fat diet. I'm not seeing much gains.

Is this possible to do on low fat diet? I'm also lactose intolrent. Currently I can eat what I want with no pain but GI docs said I must go on low fat. I have the painless version of chronic pancreatitis.



My wife has chronic pancreatitis. She is not interested in gains so much though. Having said that, I can tell you that she seems to pretty well using collagen (ie does not cause any reactions). Taking that logic, she would probably do well on MAG-10 and plazma as well since they are also pre-digested except (unlike collagen) they are a complete protein source. So you may not be able to get optimal fat levels, but you can still get good protein levels without problems.

do you take enzymes? they help my wife, she pops a ton every month. Seems to help mostly with issues relating to fat.