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Anyone Else Have a Medical Problem Drs Haven't Been Able to Figure Out?

Morning All,

It has been about ten years since I’ve logged into the site. Back in 2010, I had several concurrent life complications that culminated in me basically quitting all exercise and spending several years getting smaller, fatter, and more debilitated.

I’ve only just recently begun easing back into exercise and diet, having set up a small home-gym in my office. This post isn’t about that, though–just wanted to give some background.

So…on to the medical issue I’ve been having:

It started about 1.5 years ago, with a barely-noticeable pain/soreness coming from the left side (driver side) of my pelvis, directly between iliac crest and groin, and my perception is that is is 1-2 inches below the skin. The pain level has grown over time, and now it is actually pretty uncomfortable when it flares up (sometimes I barely feel it, but other times it is quite noticeable as a sort of dull ache). It might be relevant that–when it IS flaring up–the discomfort/sensation in general becomes far more pronounced if I then try to suck in my stomach.

I have been checked out by several GP’s and two Urologists so far, and one physician (GI). I’m going to be honest…I don’t know what all they checked me for, but urine and blood came back “normal”, X-ray normal, and CTSCAN showed everything normal EXCEPT:

  1. “Slight” narrowing of the ureter on left side. Uroglogist says this would not cause the pain I’m having.
  2. “Slightly” enlarged prostate (by the way, I am 40 years old).

Now… MY THEORY going into this was that the pain was related to the Appendectomy I had a couple of years ago. The reason is that the pain is coming from the area directly beneath one of the scars from that surgery.

I hypothesized that I had never built my abs back up after having them cut through, and possibly this was the beginning of a hernia…

My first doctor actually argued with me about whether the scar I was showing him REALLY was from the appendectomy that I had 2 years ago. Apparently he was unaware that Appendectomies no longer require a single long cut to be made on the right side of the abdomen, and he told me that I must be remembering wrong, and he was unfazed by my reply that it is literally the ONLY surgery I have ever had, and it was JUST done within the last year. I lost confidence in him after that and switched doctors.

Anyway…fast-forward to a few months ago…I went to a different Urologist who did an Ultrasound, and he flat-out told me–“you have a bunch of scar tissue right there in your abdominal wall, and you need to start doing abdominal exercises and build the muscle up, or you it could very well turn into a hernia.”

So…I felt pretty good after that. Like my theory maybe wasn’t so crazy after all. The only thing is–I’ve been to two different doctors since then, and both of them actually said “That sounds like bullshit”. However, neither was able to offer any other solutions or adequately explain why it a hernia would be so improbable.

One of them put me on some kind of medication that makes it easier to pee (which I didn’t really need…), and the other referred me to another physician (haven’t made an appointment yet due to everything going on).

Just a couple more notes about things I’ve noticed with this condition:

  1. Seems to be relieved somewhat (while flaring up) if I sit in a chair and raise my left leg to point my toes out in front of me.
  2. A couple of times, I have felt a sensation from the affected area briefly while having a bowel movement (made me suspect bowel-related…maybe diverticulitus, but doctor thinks I’m too young, didn’t want to do a colonoscopy…)
  3. When the pain is flaring up, I feel like standing up straight/leaning back slightly creates a slightly painful/burning/ stretching sensation in whatever part it is that is hurting.

Any ideas/suggestions/personal anecdotes would be much appreciated. If anyone has their own weird medical issue, feel free to post.



1.Are you looking for real answers or is this just a great opportunity for us to be clowns?

2.Relatable. I had an angioplasty and stents placed in a couple of arteries. I shit you not, I could feel exactly where they were for a few months, especially when I exercised. I asked my buddy (anesthesiologist, surgeon, etc.) and he said “That’s not actually possible with arterial tissue”, but there it was. I could also feel the path that the catheters followed from my wrist all the way up. Still not possible, but there it was.

Real answer: Did the ab exercises work? If so, keep doing that.

Clown answer: You might be an antenna for pain energy. Rub some crystals on that shit and vape some essential oils 3x/d.
Its a theory, right?


Yeah, I have high blood pressure have had a whole load of tests and it’s not known why.

Both are appreciated.

Just thinking about being able to feel a medical instrument inside my veins gives me the deep willies. Maybe you have some evolutionary mutation that allows you to feel sensations in places us Normals can’t.

I have actually only been doing ab exercises recently…too soon to tell if they are helping, but they do feel good while I’m doing them. I will say that I notice everything is markedly weaker on the left side.

I woke up during the second operation and was watching it on the big monitors while he was doing stuff and said “woah, this is pretty cool!” which got me 5 more units of fentanyl.

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The location I’m envisioning from this sounds like arthritis of the hip. Maybe you should see a different type of physician. An Osteopath or something.

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Do you remember that or did they tell you about it later?

I remember that. Depending on a few things, that happens quite a bit. Some people are actually never unconscious. Just sedated then they use a drug that blocks memory. Twilight sedation I think it’s called.

Different types for different purposes.

I got an implant recently because I broke a tooth. It took like 7 appts. One of them I was on IV sedation, but never went under. I finally got enough control to ask if I could see the chisel he was using on my jaw. Dr. Panicked and gave me more until I couldn’t move again. Never did sleep. Just lied there awake, unable to talk or move while someone hammered away at my jaw.

That would just plain suck. I hate the crunchy breaking sounds even if you can’t feel them.

Hip OA has pretty clear diagnostic criteria like pain on a single leg squat, pain worse in the morning for >30min, restricted hip flexion+adduction+internal rotation, pain around the inguinal ligament (the v-line of the abs) and potential referral to the knee.

I’m not sure if OP exhibits all of those, and I sure hope his physicians thought to screen for it.

my 2cents: if it really bugs you be willing to spend some coin and get an MRI -sometimes makes no difference, sometimes gives WAAY better picture of whats going on

Sounds like muscle/nerve. MRI would be immensely helpful. All the things you describe from posture to having a bowel movement make it sound like a muscle prob. Hernia also sounds very possible. Uretal stenosis won’t cause that type of pain unless you have a stone.

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Conscious sedation using Versed (midazolam) and fentanyl. It also seems to shut of the part of the brain that filters your thoughts before they reach your mouth - makes for some funny conversations.

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I have been asked on many occasions “what is wrong with you?” but every doctor assures me I am fine.

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Does epilepsy count? I’m on medication, so it’s controlled, but they have not found a cure to date. I really hope they do eventually.

Hyperparathyroid hyperplasia. I had to figure it out myself. I had to get my own blood work and spend 2 months arguing with endo’s after I knew what was wrong, and then I ended up paying out of pocket for the surgery to get fixed because no one within network would sign off on the surgery.

Yes, I have early stage osteoarthritis in ALL of my joints. While the symptoms and history make it unmistakable to me what the condition is, the condition isn’t advanced enough to cause visible joint space narrowing anywhere on X-ray, so no doctor will diagnose it–which perhaps doesn’t matter, because orthodox medicine doesn’t have the ability to do anything useful anyway.

Just curious if you had an update