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Anyone Else Hate Maxim Magazine?


I'm probably going to get flamed for this, especially on a forum called "Testosterone", but fuck it.

I think Maxim magazine is an absolute insult to the intelligence of males between 18 and 34. The articles are nothing but random crap, thrown together in a haphazard way with attention-grabbing headlines aimed at those with sub-100 IQs. It'll be "build a catapult in your backyard", then an interview of some Eastern European model quipping how she "loves low maintenance, slobby guys", followed by a "how-to" piece on performing the deadly Dim-mak technique.

Oh, and there's the requisite "check out THIS gear!" article which reviews items way out of the income bracket of the target audience. Punctuate every other page with an advertisement about 1.) Axe Body Spray 2.) Some energy drink with a tweaked-out gorilla on the bottle 3.) Affliction and/or TapOut apparel.

Basically, its a tutorial on how to be an easily-marketed-to douchebag with the attention span of a barracuda on meth.

Maxim sells extremely well, which serves to indicate that these articles do in fact appeal to a great number of males between the ages of 18 and 34. It literally contains NOTHING of value to the male gender. Even the chicks...hmmm...look at a pictorial of some washed out starlet like Tera Patrick, or browse the terabytes of FREE hard-core porn on the internet, tough choice!

Some might think I'm being too hard on Maxim, but speaking for myself anyway I do believe that a good number of people in my age bracket have a.) an IQ of at least 120 b.) reading interests exceeding "how to make poison darts from common houseplants" and c.) hope for the future.


Yes. It is a complete fucking shit pile. I quit reading that order of magazine when I was about 14-15. The only magazine I read consistently now is The Economist.


Bahaha... heh heh

Estimating the average IQ of a bigger portion of the public anywhere over 110 is dangerous... Not saying you're stupid but most of the general population is.

And I like it. It provides entertainment for the simple minded. I don't want to read complicated shit all the time, I like my humor Family Guy-ish now and then.


I have it on very good authority that barracudas have an amazing attention span and meth actually enhances that to give barracuda eerie powers of concentration ...

I read it ... in a magazine

A Maxim Magazine

(seriously, I agree with you, that magazine is nothing but garbage and hot chicks (mostly) in bikinis.)


haha wow I never thought about all this but you're definitely right. What is the world coming to...


I get it for $3.15 a year. :shrugs:


I can't say that I could feel that strongly about a magazine, but really, Maxim isn't geared towards enriching your mind. It's mindless entertainment for guys with short attention spans.

It's just a magazine.


I've always found that the U.S. versions of Maxim, FHM etc absolutely suck.
However the U.K. versions are very readable.


I kinda laugh when I read the stuff in there... especially the 'tips to get chicks' kinda articles... lol!


mindless drivel has it's place.
we've got to make sure people aren't ever left alone with their own thoughts or our societal structure would collapse.



You read magazines?


I stopped reading Maxim about 5 years ago. I thought it was the shit when I was in college, but we also thought Jeager bombs and beer bongs were the key to eternal happiness back then.


I don't hate it, but I don't read it either.


Used to be a voracious reader of it, FHM, etc. but like everything else I grew out of it - I find that the articles & T&A within, while entertaining, does not justify the cover price.

Half the time when I used to read it on the subway/public transit I had to hide the article(s) I was reading since they so liberally sprinkle shots of half-naked women per page... Not that that was a problem but I always thought sometimes women judged men by what they read lol

Now, it's usually (hell no) Men's Health. (dons flame suit & BBQ tongs)


seego, who IS that in your avatar???


That's Ewa Sonnet.

I recognize those...er...I mean my coworker saw it and knew who it was.

Yeah, that's it.


Ewa Sonnet me thinks.


Yeah, because people with high IQs only study math texts, economic journals, and philosophical essays. Even when sitting on the poop can, the intelligentsia never stop calculating, analyzing, and envisioning greater things. Only the mental peasantry would enjoy such drivel, which, obviously, you are not, because you don't resort to these kinds of mindless entertainments.


See the OP was discussing how the male gender has too short of an attention span...

And then we were all: "HEY!! lets go ride bikes !!!"


lol, this really did make me laugh out loud. Well put.