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Anyone Else Hate Doctors?


This isn't necessarily meant to apply to all physicians across all specialties, particularly the trauma/ER docs, whom I have respect for. However, most doctors who treat musculoskeletal injuries, i.e. GPs, orthopedists, "sports medicine" doctors, podiatrists, physiatrists, etc. make me absolutely sick. I just don't understand how a group of professionals who spend so much time in school and recieve so much respect can be so MORBIDLY FUCKING INCOMPETANT.

I've been severely injured for seventeen months and I'm convinced that my recovery time has been at least doubled as a direct result of following the advice of my doctors (and I've seen about 15 of them). Yes I realize that they're only human and they can't fix everything but I KNOW that I am significantly worse now than I was before I sought the advice of doctors. I HATE THEM!


Now all you need to do is add Worker's Compensation to the mix (or most Disability Insurance companies) and the recipe for disaster should be complete.


Sorry to hear that bro! Perhaps you went to the wrong 15 doctors.

My experience has been totally different. I had a flare up of an irregular heartbeat back in November. This affected my workouts and life by affecting my breathing -- basically it became very difficult for me to breath normally.

I went to my cardiologist and after several months of medications to alleviate the symptoms, I went into the hospital and had a surgical procedure to correct my heart rhythm and it worked! I was back in the gym 5 days later doing 25 minutes of cardio and a full workout!

I thank God first and foremost, and I thank my doctors and all of the great medical professionals who restored my ability to live my life to the fullest!

May you find the path to healing as well. Take care.........


I feel this. I had an orthopedic surgen that would prescribe physcal therapy after i broke my leg. 2 yrs later i still have problems with it. I'm convinced it will never be the same.


Unless you've torn something and need surgery, docs are not useful for soft tissue injuries. You want to see either a chiro/active release practitioner, a good DO who's been trained in manipulation, or a really good PT (one of the old school ones who does a lot of hands on therapy).

I discovered this the hard way after a number of minor injuries over the past several years.


I am truly sorry you have been hurt for so long. I myself have been out of commission for the past seven months or so, and am just getting back into the gym in that long. I feel so out of shape it's disgusting... sciatica is a bitch.

Anyway, I'm no doctor but I work in the health care field along with them and I see all kinds of stupid shit happen. Many times these doctors are doing what they have to do to protect themselves from lawsuits, and that's not their fault... but I get frustrated all the same.

I think a lot of times people have unrealistic expectations of what a doctor can do. They place the responsibility for their health into someone else's hands, and when that doesn't turn out they way they expected, they get pissed off. I hope that this isn't you.

There is a difference between an incompetent doctor who doesn't explain the risk/reward of his particular treatments very well, and a competent doctor who just doesn't have any options to make you as good as new. Many serious injuries have a certain degree of irreversibility to them, e.g., getting an arm chopped off or something.

Did you have a major surgery of some kind? Back surgery?


fuck most doctors. they are only mechanics for your body. they rely on the same techniques as your local grease monkey. besides, the med students i know may know a few terms regarding there particular area of "expertise" but they are some of the biggest idiots i have met. they are usually very self absorbed, and feel that they have some special gift. i especially love the doctors that leave the country to get their degrees. it's great to know i can go to the phillapines and come back an M.D. it blows my mind.


I also hate Chiros and alternative practitioners. These frauds just exploit people's lack of faith in doctors to sell their own brands of pseudoscience.


When my shoulders went on me a couple years ago... Hell. Pure Hell for the better part of a year. Docs had no clue how to fix it, and since they didn't, one of them (an ortho specialist) simply recommended I go back to work part time in a furniture warehouse, doing heavy lifting. Never mind hauling couches off a platform over my head, I couldn't even lift my arms that high without pain.

For some things, doctors are indispensible. And really, the training they go through and the knowledge acquired is truly impressive... but as soon as even a hint of God-complex begins to crawl in there, they can be nightmarish.

Western medicine needs an overhaul to begin with. So much focus is placed on treatment instead of prevention -- it's all ass backwards. And the role of the big drug companies is both frightening and sickening at the same time.

I ended up finding this old Chinese doctor in my area... used to be a doctor in China, but didn't get his creds after moving here. Just stuck with acupuncture and giving people herbal concoctions. After a week drinking a tea that I swear was evil in a cup, and two to three weeks of getting needles stuck in my shoulders, I was further ahead than eight months of mainstream medical treatment. Now I see a very good massage therapist about once to twice a month to deal with issues in my neck and shoulders. S'all good.


Some do, some don't. I haven't found a chiro down here that I'd use, but when I was living up north, in Kenora, there was a brilliant Chiro there who believed heart and soul in what he was doing. Did wonders for my back.


Great suggestion!


Yeah bad trip man. I hate the Dentist!


what the fuck? comparing a fucked
up chimichanga to the impact of poor medical treatment? i suppose it's ok for doctors to just fuck up right? after all they are just people too right? yes they are people, people who spend endless hours learning thier craft(craft is a great understatement). they are supposed to know EVERYTHING in the particular field they are in. it blows my mind that we have such a low standard for the people who are supposed to save our lives.at this point i don't see any difference between a person who calls themselves a doctor and hector at the local taco shop, they are both held to the same standards. woops, it's ok they are just human, right?


I have already been to several of the most highly esteemed "sports medicine" doctors in the region, including three who have worked on professional athletes and one who is the head sports med doc for the University of Washington's athletic program. "Sports medicine" is the single biggest crock of shit out of all the medical specialties. In fact, it's not a medical specialty. It's just a stupid fellowship popular among pediatricians.


Hector at the taco shop doesn't get sued by fuckwad lawyers at the drop of a hat. Yeah, they are in the same league of accountability.

The problem here with doctor-hating folks is that they yield the responsibility for their health with unrealistic expectations, and have the crazy idea that some doctor is anything other than a human being. Umm... newsflash: they go poo and everything. Honest. Sometimes it's stinky in the bathrooms around here.

Quick tip: You guys should look at doctors like medical consultants. I like the analogy someone used with a car mechanic. Get used to the idea that they are not miracle workers, and have many limitations on them, both by the fact that they are not perfect, and also by the fact that they are trying to do a job which is demanding and nearly not worth doing anymore thanks to the crappy hours and insurance nightmares.

Do you want our best and brightest to stop being doctors? Do you want your surgery to be done by C students? Then go ahead and keep up this crappy health care system with all its built-in bullshit. Go ahead and sue whenever you get a fucking hangnail. Call the ambulance when it hurts to pee, and don't pay your bill afterwards.

Just see what happens then.



But did these guys tell you that it would be no problem to fix you? Did they make you all kinds of promises and/or lie to you about what was going on?

You have all this angst, and we don't even know what the hell is wrong with you yet. Why all the anger?


I used to abhor fuckwad lawyers who drive up the cost of malpractice insurance. Now, my perpsective is different. Any doctor who harms someone should forfeit every cent he's ever made. I think rising malpractice insurance rates are a good thing- the higher they get, the more they'll drive out the charlitans who chose the medical profession for any reason other than the love of medicine.

And I agree that patients often have unreaslistic expectations, but this certainly doesn't apply to me. I'm angry because I feel that my condition has been made worse as a direct result of following the advice of my doctors. I've also consulted a large hanful of other doctors in various specialites and found them all to be COMPLETELY and UTTERLY unhelpful. They'll recommend some kind of imaging when I already know what the problem is, or offer a cortizone injection or some disgusting steroidal anti-inflammatory that will only make everything worse, then tell me to come back in a month if it doesn't feel better. Better yet, try this worthless topical cream! Fucking topical cream! Seventeen months and the and all this time the answer was some stupid lotion with CELEBREX in it... oh and now my podiatrist is trying to sell me fucking NIKKEN magnets.... fuckin A


Sorry, I don't want to discuss the details of my injury here. One reason is that I've already posted about it on pretty much every message board on the internet and it never goes anywhere..... the other reason is that I've also bitched about it on this board before under my pseudonym, which I don't want to give away. I'm not trying to solicit advice anyway; I just want to talk shit about doctors.


I'm with you, I can't stand them. Finding a competant one seems to be near impossible. The last time i went to a doctor because i had some wierd 'tingling' in my back, he told me he realy had no idea what it was and if it got worse take more pain killers.


That's why you and I have a responsibility to help these guys understand a little better. I feel bad for belligerent, I think he got the shit end of the stick, but hating on doctors in general isn't the answer... I can't see how it even helps.