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Anyone Else Had Problems with Rage?


I have a pretty serious problem with computer rage. In the last two years, I've destroyed two laptops and a monitor, totalling thousands of dollars in damage. What always happens is, the computer malfunctions somehow, and suddenly this deamon in me comes out and I physically attack the computer in a fit of rage. After the last time, when I kicked the LCD monitor off the desk, I swore up and down that I would never do anything like that again.

Then, this morning, in my single worst episode yet, I grabbed my laptop by the screen and slammed it against the desk repeatedly because a webpage failed to load. I was stressed out and pissed off trying to retrieve this information off the web page, and the fucking thing just woulnd't come up. There was nothing wrong with the computer; it was all the website's fault.

Anyway I'm totally disgusted with myself and don't know why I do this. I've never been violent toward anything other than computers, never punched a hole through the drywall or anything like that. For some reason, a malfunctioning computer makes me angrier than anything in the world. I don't know what to do but I consider the problem very serious. I never want to break another computer again (for financial reasons mainly). How do I address this terrible flaw in my personality?


Getting laid would probably help. If you are socially inept, I'd suggest you stop at a local store and pickup an adult dvd and proceede to shake weight.




Well sir I would have to say your are deflecting what the real problems are in your life. Normal immature behaviour to attack inanimate objects when in "The Rage". I am sure there will many helpful hints to come and then many STFU and grow up comments. I would just say figure out what is wrong in your life fix it and the "RAGE" will decrease.


P-p-push it! Nice p-p-pecs!

Timmy, you seem different!



I have a feeling that you are repeatedly walked all over in your personal life. Perhaps it doesn't quite register with you what is going on, perhaps you just feel constantly disrespected by people for reasons you aren't able to comprehend and no one else seems to ever say anything about this societal abuse, so you chalk it up to some defective victim mentality you think you fall into.

So you don't really feel any anger toward other people, mainly because you don't quite understand your interactions with these people who treat you like a lower-class citizen (and they treat you this way because you LET them, not necessarily because you have done something to outright deserve their disrespect), but you know that something is wrong. But your lack of perception combined with your naturally timid nature creates this rage that you don't even quite know exists until something that can't hit back frustrates you.

And computers can do this to people. They're so fucking smarmy and their attitude is so goddamned indifferent and they are so good at showing just how little they care about the major inconveniences they cause in people's lives when they decide to take a complete shit at the most inopportune times. Where the fuck do they get off freezing up on you out of nowhere?

And they think that just because they cost a lot of money and they can't fight back that they're just completely immune to any sort of attack, whether it's personal or physical. So they fucking abuse this and push the limits of decency and good taste because they (falsely) assume you won't do anything to them.

They're like the dumbfuck at the zoo who taunts the lion in his cage every day until one day the lion gets out, and that lion is YOU, and you tear the thing to fucking pieces just to show them a goddamned lesson, just to show them what happens when you fuck with the lion in his den, just to remind them who the REAL King of the Jungle is.

And all this time you don't realize that this rage building up is caused by your inability to man up and challenge those around you who treat you like a castrated lemming and so you take it out on a convenient yet deserving target.


If you can intercept it before it turns to action, just repeat to yourself "It's not worth it. It's not worth it." Get up and get the hell away from the computer as quickly as possible. Yell! Curse up and down, left and right. Just try to defuse that shit as fast as possible.

FWIW that's not the worst personality flaw you could have... with some work you could get over it. Are you a young guy?


Nope, some people just have the rage. Don't read too much into it.


WolBarret is a Rage Quitter. I thought that bit of info would fit nicely in this tread.


CLiff notes like I said "Normal immature behavior to attack inanimate objects when in "The Rage"


how much creatinez are you injesting? that stuff can give you super-duper computer rage.


I don't do cliff notes. Instead of writing down "cliff notes" at the end of a long post, you should just write "I have the attention span of a goldfish and anything beside a short, preferably monosyllabic post is beyond my capacity for understanding."

Fuck, that came out sounding more harsh than I meant it to.


Seeing as how I fix computers for a living, I may be the only here who fully supports your rage. Kinda wish everyone else would stop holding back.


Is this you OP?


Get a mac?


You should join a semi pro football team, rage rules the grid iron. But after the play you must chill.


there you go, problem solved!


Heh heh.
Yeah, I'm still working on an old G4 Duel Processor. Never had a problem, never had a virus. But at this point it IS getting slow.



You've been crackin me up lately dude


I have one of those in my closet, just need to clean the hard drive. Still great for basic layout, drawing and photoshop stuff. That machine lasted me through close to 6 years of freelancing and paid for itself a few times over. Getting a huge screen new Imac at work, and a bigger desk to hold it!