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Anyone Else Get This Email?

I got this email today. Not sure why, maybe just a spam, but it was interesting to see nonetheless. Curious to know if anyone else got it. I was checking out the product selection and did not realize that twinlabs was still making ephedra products.


Dear Valued Customer,

This is to inform you that on May 8, 2006 the FDA will appear before Denver’s 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to attempt to overturn Federal Judge Tena Campbell’s decision in Nutraceutical Corporation versus Crawford. Judge Campbell’s decision is the reason that Spectrum-nutrition.com is able to sell you ephedra products today.

We hope that the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals finds that ephedra can continue to be sold, but there is no guarantee of its future. This may be your last chance to buy ephedra products, so order now while you still can. As of today there is no limit to the amount of ephedra products you can order from us…