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Anyone Else Get 'Error 504 Gateway Timeout'?


Anybody else get these errors ever? I get them after every post and when trying to access the Hub.

Mods/IT: I started this thread in GAL to ask if anyone else besides the handful here are seeing it? They might not know about or think to post about it in "Technical Support".


All the time. Usually, and maybe not coincidentally when online traffic is high.


The hub is pretty much useless to me. I get this error more times than not when I access it;especially when I try and access my post history. It happens at home and work. I don't know what web server they use but if it's apache, their error log on the server should be full of these messages. Very easy to check.

I get the timeout sometimes when I post but the post always goes through. I copy and paste into notepad just in case on any post longer than a paragraph.


I always chalked it up to the mods regulating my posts. I think I'm on the LIST. The other thing, I can never get into my own hub. I always need the ego boost knowing 3 people checked me out.

Seriously though, every post of mine whether it be from work or home times out. & when it does get through it takes upwards to 2-4mins.


vbulletin :wink: I konw they've said in the past this one allows more of the "features" they want.

I get it all the time, but don't mind. After a few seconds, I close the tab and open another one. Posts appear instantly. So much better than waiting 10 mins to 2 hrs for a post to show up


I've had issues accessing my Hub as well,.. like ID, I just assume it's a busy network,.. but what the hell do I know? -lol



Yep happens to me all the time, glad to see I am not the only one. Probably Prof X fault, doesnt he get blamed for everything eventually. :slight_smile:


haven't been able to access it in a while




I can rarely access my Hub.



A. No need.
B. It takes years to load.


I bet HolyMac could :wink: hyuk hyuk


I can access my hub majority of the time. I get those gateway errors now and again.


I get timeouts on hub access more often than not, only occasionally post-posts


Yes this is happening while accessing the site in Asia too! Usually when clicking the hub but sometimes when clicking message center also (very occasionally).


I rarely can access my hub lately. It sucks because I like to use it when I'm at work to read forums without having the thread title in the url and SAMA threads.


something along the lines of 'accessing your hub'

blah blah blah....whatever other filler i need to add in for you to find it overtly sexual yet impressivly witty.


I get that most times when i try accessing the hub.
Every time I just hit refresh and it loads almost instantly.



yup same problem here. I want to change my picture damnit but I can't!