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Anyone Else Find Paul Waggener Disturbing?

Just figured I’d add this for the OP, just in case he’s young or naive: Some people are just plain disagreeable . Just because you share a common interest doesn’t make them a paragon of virtue. Some people with huge arms, big tattoos of the grim reaper and other death and violent themes are actually violent or potentially violent criminals who actually got those tats in prison or while they were out at various and usually short periods of time, and may indicate gang or group affiliation.

And most importantly, they don’t care what you think of them. Probably best to keep that to yourself (IRL. On the interwebs it doesn’t matter as much, but even then, you never know).

There has been a lot of confusion created over the past 15 or so years with people getting all sleeved up and decorating themselves with all kinds of ink to look like something (what? I have no idea) that they aren’t, so it’s understandable (to me) that mistakes may be made.

So here’s a guide to help you along and maybe keep you safe IRL.

If you see a group of slim, fit guys with big colorful tats up and down their arms wearing the latest cool athletic footwear, nice shiny teeth and talking about Kipping they’re probably Crossfitters. Relatively safe.

If you see a bunch of big guys with a various hodgepodge of tats that look like they eat babies talking about where to hide the body, that last shipment of meth, the next shipment of meth, Not Kipping, the time they killed that guy, or any additional subjects related to or derived from the previous subjects- Go the other way. They don’t care what you think about a book.

While group one may be having a wine cooler or ultra-lite low carb beer and maybe a vape here or there, group two may be drinking real beer, whiskey, and smoking various and sundry substances by unconventional means. They aren’t looking for any health tips or pointers either. Best keep those under wraps too.

This is just a thumbnail on a pretty deep subject though, so don’t take it as gospel. You might even know some of these things already, possibly better than others.


We’re talking about suspicion and yes I question the OP’s motives. He hasn’t established a profile of a genuine TNation member first, no posts about exercise and then immediately goes on a witch hunt about a member of our community. I’m very suspicious about this.

It also seems to be a pattern on much interwebs and social media especially of drumming up mass hysteria about whatever outrage seems to be the flavour of the day. That flavour at the moment is conflating anything about white culture with white supremacy. Absolute madness.

By the way you are still doing the passive aggressive thing, attempting to make me think I am a victim(didn’t work buddy), offering faux sympathy, then saying I invited the criticism, but not from you, yet you are the only one so far making an issue of it.

" It’s a play on the golden rule, several layers deep.

I genuinely don’t suspect you of racism or trying to start a race based witch hunt. I suspect someone else started a which hunt that you followed and that hunt now lives inside of you so to speak. I suspect that in an abstract and cliche kind of way ‘you are the prey’ and it won’t stop until you see it.

I genuinely do believe that you have invited others to suspect you of trying to start a witch hunt

Me too, just not the way you are.

Even though it seems negative, he did manage to tell us who a guy is, what he does, and how to find out more if we’re interested.


Well, a one man “witch hunt”, but ok


Think of yourself whatever you want. Think of me whatever you want. Think of OP whatever you want. Have you considered that is exactly what you’re doing?

Those are some pretty specific suspicions to have. I probably earned it, but your first response to the OP…

Is judging people’s motives something you do constantly, or is it something about me and OP?

It all depends on the subject matter and the context, whether I judge someone’s motives, pretty much the same as most people do.
Definitely not about you personally, and in general as you have a long term track record posting on here. I addressed the above issues on your tone to my posts in this current subject. On another issue I will approach it with an open mind and give you the benefit of the doubt. Where it goes from there, who knows.

The same goes for the OP if they continue to post on this or some other topic.

I can’t do 531 because of this shit. Matt Kroc is no more. I have no idea if Thib’s had sex before marriage or something so he’s out. Jack LaLanne was late on a payment once.

I guess I’ll just be fat.


Well I felt a pull and followed it. Same as why I do anything else.

I visualized it as something like a cliff. People try pushing people to the edge - to the edge, but not off of it. And then see if they fall on their own

I wanted to play too

Sometimes people seem to play it out of habit, with high stakes, while they are chained bunches of people together, and bunches fall. Madness.

In this thread it all seemed low stakes enough that I should play too, no disrespect intended

I lol’d

My world is shattered.

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Nice bump on a bizarro thread I somehow missed.

And I agree that the OP should have at least posted a form check video or asked for feedback on the modifications he made to a Jason Blaha program as a first post. Then, and only then, can you start up with criticizing a good Jussie Smollet joke as racist or disturbing or whatever you want to call it.

But hey, more power to you and your convictions. Run a program made by someone who expresses themselves in a way you find agreeable, I suppose. Maybe instead of tossing your 5/3/1 books you could give them to someone who isn’t such a giant pussy.


I don’t get the whole Norse mythology/Viking worship. The Vikings were pussies.

Norse gods were badass and the Vikings had a good run as raiders and explorers from a hard land with great scenery. Cool helmets, too.

What’s not to like? Even if the details of history are lost on many, the imagery and legends carry on. It’s not that hard to understand.

I deeply admire the Amish, but I don’t think you’ll sell a lot of lifting apparel with imagery of Ezekiel out there raising a barn. It just doesn’t captivate the imagination the same way medieval warriors do.


I was half joking with the pussies comment. I just don’t get the white supremacist (and Nazi) adoration of Norse mythology and Viking imagery or romanticism when the Vikings were cavemen compared to the ancient Greeks who preceded them by well over a thousand years. And an ancient Greek, Macedonian or Roman army would have crushed any Viking army had that been an historical possibility.

With that said, and getting back to the OP, I don’t think Wendler is a white supremacist. I think it’s more likely he has a dorkish love for Vikings. The dude is big and strong but that doesn’t mean he isn’t also a nerd about certain things, like the (horrible) music he listens to.

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But that’s a tactical advantage of the legion or phalanx. The Vikings were impeccable soldiers and sailors.

They were made the royal guard of a Greco-Roman empire, after all.

That’s bollocks racism of theirs that looks to some time golden age when the race was ‘pure.’

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I too missed it for months. I simply couldn’t resist.

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If they met in numbers on an open field of battle, sure. What other European armies do you think could have stood against a prime Roman war machine that time-warps into the Viking era?

I do, however, think that the Vikings could have plundered the shit out of the Mediterranean coastline if you played by the same rules and spirited their units and tactics into another era.


Yeah. This is just like the “ninja vs legionnairy” stuff you see on TV. No way a ninja would ever line up in a field of battle and stand in formation. That’s not what their job was.


Thanks to the power of technology, the internet has brought you to me, an expert on the subject of “ninja vs legion” matters.

It’s an awful lot of material to condense, but every mathematical prediction I’ve run has the Ninja coming out ahead. Way ahead.

Considering the overall skillset, I’d call this one a no-brainer.


Indeed. If the Ninjas happen to be turtles named after Renaissance painters coming out of a sewer it’s really not even fair.