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Anyone Else Find Paul Waggener Disturbing?

I don’t use social media, but I do scan around to look at some of my favorite lifters Facebook, Instagram feeds to catch videos and stuff. I ran across this one at Jim Wendler’s Instagram:

Was wondering if anyone else sort felt that this was disturbing? A while back there was one on his blog.

Article was written by Paul Waggener of the Wolves of Vinland fame. In fact you can click a link in Wendler’s article and it will direct you to the original from the Operation Werewolf site.
Google him on your own if you’re not familiar with any of it.

Wendler did a Reddit Q&A and was asked about the Waggener article and he just sort of blew it off. I always just tried to stay focused on the 531 work but, after seeing his instagram post I think I’m done with him. I know that Wendler is treated like a God around some parts but, I’m probably going to be tossing my 531 books and shirts. Maybe finding a different program to work… just can’t condone any of it.

Just curious if anyone else noticed any of this?

Well now look what you did. I didn’t know who Paul Waggener was until you told me.


Jim really likes heavy metal. There’s several overtly satanist bands. This isn’t news. Most heavy metal album covers are dark AF anyway even without the satanism.

The Smollet joke was actually pretty good.


What’s the most virtuous program to work?


I googled and still don’t know what it’s all about. Seemed a bit vague and nonsensical. From what I read wouldn’t find it much different than any other belief I find weird. But I didn’t look real long.

I wouldn’t stop doing a program just because someone believed in something I never saw and did rituals involving drinking wine and eating bread saying they were someone’s blood and body.

I’ll take the books and shirts!

I think an Amish website dedicated to strength training has potential. Or can we not use certain things if they were made with electricity?

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I’m loling at the thought of how self-satisfied Wendler would be if he knows he’s been branded a heretic on t nation.


I don’t know who those people are but I think I remember Jim Wendler mentioning that he got enjoyment blasting either rap music or heavy metal, didn’t matter, as they both gave him energy from his dark side

I kept it in mind since I could relate to half of it and figured the other half might become useful. It did.

I avoid music now since I was pretty much using it as a stimulant anyways. Need to re-sensitize myself. Point being that if I didn’t, then I could imagine using darker and darker stuff to serve that same purpose as I became less and less sensitive

Wolves of Vinland are not a band they are a neo pagan group who are white supremacists. They admire Richard Spencer and a member tried burning a black church down. There are many other “red flags”.

I tell you one thing I did notice, that hexxer is a first time poster on an exercise website, and has chosen to post on politics, not exercise. That really makes me question your motives and intentions. It suspiciously sounds like you are trying to stir up racial trouble, which seems to be the flavour of the day, especially with extreme left wing sympathizers. Basically starting a witch hunt.
This kind of thing is spreading all over the world in the last couple of months, with social media. Anything related to white people has suddenly become associated with white supremacy. Its gross exaggeration, actual white supremacists are a powerless micro minority. Nobody has any sympathy for extremists.

For arguments sake just even if your opinion of Wendler is 100% true, how does that have any relevancy on whether the exercise information in his books is bad or in any way related to white supremacy.
Throw away and waste perfectly good T shirts if you want, but I’d be very surprised if you actually own one.
I suppose you hate yourself because you once heard a Michael Jackson song and now feel guilty because it looks like he was not just a musician but a pedo as well???
Oh the humanity!(sarcastic)

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That’s a lot to suspect based off of so little

I won’t suspect you of the opposite equivalent based off of so little, but I will point out that you have invited people to do so. Though I’m hoping they don’t.

Well, I’d be a little different if OP had been posting also in other topics for a while. TNation is primarily an exercise website, not a political website. OP is happy to potentially defame Mr Wendler on suspicion, to write him off.

SBear your response is actually a passive aggressive way of accusing me of something and pretending your not. Why not be honest and own it, because “…I’m hoping they don’t” doesn’t sound the least bit convincing.

Happy to try answering any of your potential concerns, but I’m more interested in a response from OP.

What do you think or feel that I have accused you of?

To me I really did just state what I consider to be a plain old boring fact, except that the nature of your post made it a little less boring than usual with great potential

OP did invite criticism upon himself, with that I agree.

Also, convincing people of things is not the path to honesty.

If I fail to convince you, it means I’m dishonest???


I remember your name and I’m pretty sure you had a cool avatar at some point. I liked your posts too, liked your thinking style if I remember correctly. It fit your screen name, as did my own style in my own mind at least, but my style is changing.

Disrespecting you is not my purpose

Happy to teach or learn, preferably both, inshaAllah

  1. You initial response to my post sounds insincere. Though I’m hoping it wasn’t?(does that sound sincere to you or not?)
    It sounded like a veiled way of saying that its me rather than the original poster trying to drum up racial problems, but then you wouldn’t own the response, by saying you hope that people wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. It certainly looks like from your response that you indeed jumped to that conclusion. Why would you have bothered to respond otherwise?

2."Also, convincing people of things is not the path to honesty.

If I fail to convince you, it means I’m dishonest???"

If were talking about sincerity about what you say, then yes it you certainly could be being dishonest. That’s the way being passive aggressive works.

That’s always a possibility, no matter what. No way to disprove it

Do you disagree with the first statement I made to you in this thread?

I might be passive aggressive. I guess I could be more sincere.

It’s a play on the golden rule, several layers deep.

I genuinely don’t suspect you of racism or trying to start a race based witch hunt. I suspect someone else started a which hunt that you followed and that hunt now lives inside of you so to speak. I suspect that in an abstract and cliche kind of way ‘you are the prey’ and it won’t stop until you see it.

I genuinely do believe that you have invited others to suspect you of trying to start a witch hunt

I genuinely do hope that others do not accuse you of trying to start a witch hunt. It would be somewhat boring to me to read unless it gets out of hand. Then it would be interesting and sad

Hope this all helps, but seriously, that first question

I don’t take religious or political advice from Jim Wendler for exactly the same reasons as I don’t take lifting advice from the pope.


This is a mistake. The Pope has strong neck and trap muscles from holding the weighted hat all the time.