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Anyone Else Feel The Same Way ?


i hate bicep curls, i rather do any other excercise than curls.....


There's nothing wrong with some good, old-fashioned barbell curls. They hit the spot.


Yea, that and sit ups/any ab work.


Drag curls and Scott Hammer curls are more better.


Nah, for me it's any type of calf exercise. Have to devote so much time to make them grow and they have very little functional benefit relative to the time I need to spend on them so that they'd grow.



yes finally someone who agrees with me i would much rather squat 7 times a week then do biceps i just hate curling. but yet i do it so my arms arent to small


the only reason I hate them is because using anthing over 115 my radius or ulna...not sure which one...hurts terribly.. Feels like it's about to snap in half or spiral fracture.


I just get really bored with movements that "pump" the muscle. I think "the pump" is very boring and I don't like to "squeeze at the top" and "stretch at the bottom" (that doesn't mean I don't use good form either, getting hurt isn't fun). I just think bodybuilding is so tedious it takes the fun out of weightlifting.


Someone who finally understands me.


I don't like doing curls at all. I'd rather hit some chins.


Yeah don't like them.

But I dislike Bench Press even more!


This is the one thing that I hate, but like a lot of people say (and I believe to a certain extent) if you dont like an exercise, it probably means that you need to do it more.


I actually quite like them, think I do them so rarely they're kind of novel for me.

Now any kind of flies or laterals I hate with a passion! Flat, bent over, incline, standing, front whatever...anything that involves flapping my arms around. They're the most annoying things ever!

And I've gotta do a whole bunch of them right now for shoulder rehab!


I dislike doing barbell curls, but enjoy dumbell curls. Go figure.


I hear that! After awhile mine started getting worse... aching down at 100 lbs or less, with a dull ache sometimes lasting until after the workout. It's all about the dumbbells now.


Yup. I'm in the same group as the pain people. Can't use a straight bar at all.

Plus, I have this weird thing that only my biceps do: I'll start out well, doing a weight for around ten reps. Then, on my next set I'll only get 8 with the same weight. Then, six.

Itdoesn't matter if it's a light weight or a long rest period...my biceos just get fatigued and full of lactic acid ridiculously quickly.

Antbody else familiar with this?


My wrists are so bad that I can't use a straight bar, and even a cambered bar hurts really bad. I can only use db's or ropes - any thing that keeps me from having to lock my wrists in a palms up, or even slightly rotated posititon.


I'm the same way. Any other exersise I can get a rep scheme simmilar to: (8, 8, 7, 7) but with curls it would be (8, 6, 5, give up). Even if I'm not going to failure with the curls.

I havn't curled in a while now though. That's why I keep chin-ups in my routine instead of pull-ups (for the most part anyway).


curling is fun when doing 10rms at 7reps


Umm...I think you meant to say more gooder!