Anyone Else Enjoy Jason's Deli?

I have been going there now for a few months and am in love with their salad bar. Does anyone else visit there often? I know they are big in Texas and Florida.

I love a good steak or piece of chicken, but when I have the salad bar to go I don’t even miss having meat.

I got this baby loaded up with organic greens, spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes,cauliflower,red onions,sprouts,red & yellow peppers and broccoli. Topped off with light Naturally Fresh ranch and some shredded cheddar cheese. A few hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese for protein and this fuels me up nicely until time for my Low-Carb Grow! pre workout shake.

yeah. I load up on the beans and eggs and such and sometimes order a chicken breast on the side. It’s a wonderful place!

Jason’s is great. Try their sandwiches. They use a high quality meat in them, unlike a lot of chain sandwich shops. I just wish there was one where I live. The closest one is about 50 miles away in their hometown and mine.

There is a Jasons Deli that will be opening in Orlando in a Few weeks. I also found one in Naples last time I was there. Yes everything there is really good. The one opening in Orlando is in the same plaza as my gym so I will visit there frequently.