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Anyone Else Eating Scotch Eggs?


I was thinking of differant ways of eating eggs and thought of "scotch eggs". Their just hard boilled eggs wraped in a thick layer of mince meat and coated in bread crumbs, usually just deep fried (soo unhealthy) or can be oven cooked. Anyone else eating them???


Nope, but they sure sound tasty.

Sweet avatar - Staffordshire Terrier?


cheers man. aye they sure are tasty, the mince has some herbs added for flavour. you have to try them, can get them in most supermarkets.

ive been gulping down a few with a liter of full fat milk in the mornings. yum.


This is almost as good as the bacon weave



I don't eat them anymore, I've never seen one in Texas. But God, they're so good.

Soooo bad, and sooooo good.


I have a recipe for those and keep meaning to make them but haven't done it yet.

I didn't know anyone who had tried them, nice to hear good reviews. I'll have to make it more of a priority.


soo true, but if oven cooked not so unhealthy.

hmmm i can see a new food trend starting in the states if you all eat them :wink:

whats a bacon weave im intrested???


Bacon Weave ^


I have never seen one of those in the store. And when you say mince meat, do you mean the pie filling, or minced meat?

looks good!


One of my favorite things, unfortunately they're not very available in the states. The only place I've ever seen them (aside from when my sister makes them on holidays) is at a brew pub in the upper peninsula(Lake Superior Brewing Co. in Grand Marais) long way from Texas, Nevada, & California. The meat is like sausage, not sweet.


There awesome.

We eat them allllll the time :stuck_out_tongue:

but then again i am in scotland, hence the scotch.



I did some recipe searches and most just call for sausage meat. So, basically, very finely chopped meat. Many of the recipes called for pork sausage, but, I'm already thinking about using some chorizo and maybe even some chicken or turkey sausage and then baking them.


I love scotch eggs, i have to since i'm half scottish.

Since I need to gain weight i'm not going to feel bad having a few of them whenever I feel like it.


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