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Anyone else do this?

I am perfect when it comes to the Massive Eating all week long until the weekend comes… i try to do it but since im off my normal schedule I dont feel like ooking food and hell breaks loose… then i start to eat shit like cheese cake… i cant stop my self. just wondering if anyone else seems to have this problem. tomorrow il be fine… but on the weekends im a different man… will this affect me to the extreme?

It’s all good my man. In fact, I’m eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s right now. This Bovinity Divinity is quite good. It’s the only bad thing I’ve eaten all week. And I don’t do it very often. So just keep up the good eating during the week, and do a little cheating on the weekend. :slight_smile:

Burps after just coming back from a bar-be-quie where he had 3 steaks, 6 beers, plenty of taters a mess-o-doritos, and half a cheesecake. Bro, put it like this…it is 2 days out of 7. So yes, it can hamper your progress, so try starting easy…just fix ONE day…be it sat or sun. If you look under the Skinny Bastard thread, you will see I have a pretty simple massive eating routine, that doesnt require a lot of preparation…perhaps consider sat or sun a MRP day or something easy if you don’t like my diet. We all have to have a life outside the iron game however, and blowing it once in a while (as I did today) aint gonna kill ya, but blowing it 2days out of 7 I think isnt going to give you stellar progress…just my 2 cents.

whopper (ripping off monkeyboy erics idea) Redefining massive eating..especially days like today..John would cry..LOL!

I feel drawn to that during the weekends - I try to limit myself to one dodgy meal or day at worse but it gets hard when during a weekly visit to the folks ma passes me that third piece of cake she just cut for me …

i have the same problem too brother… only it’s mostly beer and fast food that gets me.

You guys are making me cry! Ive been dieting (this will be my 4th week coming up) and today I went to a BBQ and had 2 small burgers and a salad…WooHoo! And I had to pass up on all the carbs and the damn boston cream cake and mango cakes. Sure it was tough and I did shed a tear or two, but when I walked away from the table having stuck to my diet, I was pretty proud of myself in that it is little mini victories like this that give me the body I want in the end. BTW, I started the diet at 200lbs at about 8% and in 3 weeks of dieting (which I absolutely hate) Ive dropped approximately 6 lbs and about 2% fat with no thermogenics…only cardio, training, and smart eating. I plan on going 1 more week to get to 190 at about 5% then I plan on eating massively for a while and getting back up to 200 at 5%.

Anyway my point is that getting the body you want requires discipline. You dont need to forgo all pleasures in life (and food is a big one), but with massive eating you shouldnt feel deprived. Heck you are eating alot and are getting good foods. So there should be no need to pig out on weekends. In addition, yes, you can screw yourself over in terms of too much fat gain by eating crappy on the weekend. Blowing 1 or 2 meals is fine. But if you dont get your 1.5-2g/lb of protein and you dont eat quality foods, you will probably go backwards during those 2 days. Dont be lazy and blow a weeks worth of effort ever weekend. That just doesnt make any sense.

And BTW Nate, B&J’s is my absolute favorite ice cream in the whole world. I might only have 3 or 4 pints per year, but when I do, it’s heavenly. When I lived in the states, I actually made a freakin trip to VT to see where it all happens :slight_smile:

Spencer for Hire…now doesn’t that just make ya feel a whole lot better, my man? It’s obviously normal to want some grub that doesn’t quite fit in the normal diet every once in a while. Hell, even Nate Doggie Dogg’s gettin’ his chunky monkey on with his boys Ben and Jerry! I expected as much from the metabolic furnace they call Whopper…my man, could have done much more damage without hurting his progress–the advantages of carrying that much LBM are astounding:-) I could tell ya about endless little binges I had about 2 years ago when I was introduced to Body-for-Life…For me, though, I couldn’t just have one of this or one of that. It’s like friggin’ Niagra Falls for Timbo, once I start, I don’t finish until I’m knocked out! Seriously I would take crap to bed with me.I rarely stray from the PLAN these days…I don’t know if it’s discipline, fear or control factor, but it’s just not worth it for me. Call me nuts or call me stupid. I agree with my man JB though…when it comes to Massive Eating, if you’re really eating massively then I don’t think the binges are all that necessary. Cook up a steamer of rice or a pound of pasta and go to town on that stuff…I can’t say I don’t think about having some of those wonderful desserts and goodies my mama bakes up, but I’m always thinking and know how I’ll feel.

Oh man! I feel like I’ve bonded with the fellow t-men! I just sat down to read this with my Bovinity Divinity icecream in hand, and started laughing out loud. What a coincidence. Anyway, make sure not to get caught buying your ben & jerry’s in your t-rone shirt. Many you will get some Weird looks. People look all confused when they see “dangerously hardcore” on your sleeve, and some “kaBerry KaBoom” in your hand! LOL!

thanx guys… ya i kepts my normal protein intake… just in addition i ate cheese cake and a huge bowl of cereal… im back to normal now

I hear you loud and clear JB. That B&J is hella good. I did feel guilty after eating half the pint…let’s see, that added up to 580 calories, 36 grams of fat (26 saturated), 80 carbs and 8 grams of protein. Oh man, that was bad. But it sure did taste damn good! And like JB, I don’t do that too often. Jonnyjon, that’s pretty damn funny that you were chowing on the Bovinity Divinity too! Crazy man, crazy! I also bought some Phish Food too. It’s the B&J frozen yogurt, so I won’t feel as guilty when I eat that one. And I’ll probably save it for next weekend when I’m having a craving! :slight_smile:

Nate Dogg, you bust me up, bro! You got your hookup don’t ya, bro…probably not a bad idea to have a lil’ stash in the freezer just in case of famine or beastly cravings–of course, I’d have to get rid of a turkey breast or two and a couple packages of chicken and some veggies just to make room:-) LOL! You shouldn’t feel a bit guilty, bro…if anything feel proud and pat yourself on the back–at least I’ll give ya props–for stopping half way! That’s unreal…I don’t know many in our game who could do that.

Spence...if I remember you're a youngin' right? Well, I know one of the Spencers runnin' around here is. Anyway, look at it this way, you got your protein in, and you just ate a little extra Massively...hell, ya might even have a little boost in ya today and get a better pump...

I’ve been on the same roller coaster for about a year now, trying to loose that last bit of fat covering my abdominals. I spend all week losing what I gained on the weekends. Every Monday I started at 219-218 lbs. and every Friday I was back to 214 lbs. I finally made the commitment to myself that I needed to get real about it if I ever wanted to see my abs in my lifetime. I started with MD6 and T2 three weeks ago at full dose (No side affects). I commited to becoming more active on the weekends to make up for the extra calories, but also made a commitment to not go crazy with the calories. I have a lot of landscaping projects that I’m working on to keep me busy. My other issue was that it was hard for me to maintain the same schedule with my supplements on the weekend. That one I haven’t solved. I’m proud to announce that today I started the Week at 215 lbs so hopefully if this trend continues I will begin to make some real progress and yes I’m starting to see the first hint of my abdominals which is also a great motivator. Plans for the beach in July have also been motivational.

ya im the young bastard.(17)… im the wrestling state champ… actually i posted something beore asking people if i could get up to 240 by end of summer with good body fat percentage… and right now im at 227 with around 13% bodyfat… everyone at my school thinks im a wierdo for eating 8 meals a day with 400 grams of protein and 4800 calories… oh well screw them… .im the huge one right? they also think my testosterone shirt is un called for… i have no clue why though

Hey spencer, if they say something to you about your eating, training or T-shirt, just use one of my all time favorite responses: “Eat a dick straght up!” Works everytime!

Timbo, You crack me up, I laughed my ass of when I read the thing about taking food to bed with you, I’ve done the same thing! Like you said, once you start cheating it’s all over. But for some reason the next day I’ll be fine…So I always try to wait as long as I can in the day before I start to chow down.

B-Dog, hell yeah, baby! I’m dead serious about that shit too:-) If I remember some of the episodes–aw, the fun I had–I think one of my favorite things to take to bed was a pack of Pop-Tarts…I don’t know why, but I was always psyched about P-Tarts…of course, they always tasted better with a little–okay a shitload–of mom’s homemade buttercream frosting!

Spence...never called ya a bastard, buddy! Keep whoopin' ass, champ. Tearing it up at the gym and at the table. Man, if I had all this good stuff at my disposal at your age...anyway, part of the T-man life is doing things a little differently than the *norm* and telling the norm to eat a fatty if they don't like it--good one Dogg:-)