Anyone else burp during training?

I don’t normally burp during the day or meals, but I find that a set of squats or leg presses, or something intense like Meltdown leads to gas. It isn’t a short quick burp, but more like a weird feeling developes in what feels like my chest, but rather than dropping dead of heart failure, it slowly builds and then maybe a minute or two later up comes the burp.

Is this a close cousin to puking in the gym?

First few times it happened, I thought it was actually my chest and was pretty well waiting for the massive coronary, only to be pleasantly relieved when it came up as a belch.

Anyone else go through this? Even if it isn’t serious, it is an uncomfortable feeling and the first couple of seconds the sensation usually make me panic before I clue in to what’s going on.


Are you consuming any fruit or juice within an hour of training? Fructose leads to GI distress (it has to diffuse through the intestine, it isn’t moved actively into your cells). Fish oil will do this, too. Likewise, high lactic acid levels will cause you to puke, or at the least get stomach trouble.

I generally don’t burp often while working out, but on a good leg night, when I feel like a good puke would make me feel better, often times a good burp works almost as well.

I’ve had a couple of times when I had taken some tribex before my workout and I guess one of the pills didn’t go all of the way down because I burped after performing a set of skull crushers and powder shot out of my mouth. It looked like smoke was coming out of my mouth. In order to solve you’re problem I would avoid eating close to your workout.

I definately get this during an intense training sesion. I let it rip so that everybody around me knows I own that part of the gym…Typically because those high-intensity burps really stink…I don’t know why they happen, but I always find them funny.

I know the feeling, it used to make me panic a little too, because it does feel like it comes from the chest rather than the stomach. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I’m still laughing about the guy who had tribex poweder shoot out of his mouth.

You might want to have your doctor check to see if you have a hiatal hernia. This muscle controls the opening of the stomach and compression on the upper torso during squats and leg presses may irritate this herniated muscle.

Never byrped, too busy farting.

 I know the feeling. Ur bloated. make u sure u dont drink milk close immediately before ur workout. make sure ur breathing good when squatting, and not just hold ur breath.