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Anyone Else Awake?


Anybody unemployed and can't sleep,surfing the net??? it can get pretty lonely. Im gonna start waking people up!!!!!


Bummer man, I'm on my lunch break. mmmm food.


Didn't take my Ambien today... gonna be up for awhile. Insomnia can be a huge bitch


i heard they put you to sleep like a baby.


To be honest I've built up a tolerance, I've been on sleeping meds since 6th grade. Overactive nervous system apparently, when I don't take my meds I can be up for days at a time, with no caffine or stimulants


Have you seen a doctor about this? WHat was the diagnosis?


Being a chronic insomniac does ur cognitive abilities not get that impacted by it any more? I mean i had insomnia for 3 days and lifting and eating were on the back of the head like those were the last things i could do.

Are you just so used to it that you can sorta function as though you have gotten sleep?


I've been diagnosed with Clinical Insomnia since before my teens. I just was never really tired as a kid. To be honest in real life I'm exceptionally tweaky. Always very rapid rate of speech and hard time paying attention. A lot of similarities to manic phases of bipolar and classic ADHD symptons. I just have more energy than most people, and after a few brain scans were done, It showed I had almost constantly high activity for my brain. I'm used to it but it gets annoying/boring.


I'm up! One more month of the got damn night shift, I hate this shit.


Yea, I have had a couple patients with an overactive autonomic nervous system. I am a Somnologist, "sleep doctor". It is a tricky diagnosis, and I am not questioning it. Have you ever been treated for ADD or ADHD? How often do you take stimulants? Coffee, supplements?

One thing I would recommend is try to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, or the "rest and Digest" part of your CNS. Actually Yoga and Meditation can be very helpful with this. However beta blockers still work but seem to be fading out. So perhaps talk to you acting doctor about this.

And one more thing, jsut a side note. Ambien, IMO, is a good sleep aid, but when used regularly and for a long period time, tests have shown that long term and short term memory loss has been deminished. Furthermore, one can achieve a sort of "black out" stage. I have had patients who have taken ambien and made phone calls that they dont remember or even driving to the store.

I would recommend talking to your physician about Lunesta rather than ambien. Plus it would be good to mix it up. Just like you would when weightlfting.


Yes to both ADD and ADHD, though I'm in the opinion that while they exist, neither are disorders but rather varients of a spectrum which make people different. Because of my problem, I was never assinged any amphetamine based product.

No regular stimulants, and extremely limited caffeine relative to other teenagers.

And yes, I've been on Lunesta before, but for some reason it just doesn't do the job for me, though next time I hit my shrink up I may give it a go.


Well you know the saying differnt strokes for diff folks. If you have tried it before and it didnt work, It prob wont work again. Sonata or Rozerem are both good sleep aids.

Well good they didnt prescribe you any amphetamines. I Wish I could give you some more info but without a chart I cannot.

Have you ever had a sleep study?

If you have any questions about sleep or how a certain medication may affect BB. feel free to PM me.


Yeah I am awake but I get up at 330 to help support your non working ass. Go get your CDL if you are so worried about work because I know there are jobs just some people are to lazy to actually do the hard jobs.


Could you post some of that stuff here? Or in general i guess the side effects of using popular sleep aids on BB. pretty interesting IMO.


Im awake. barely.

Half irish half jewish. Passover went from a fairly somber holiday to the usual drunken shitshow. Passing out........now.


Yeah. I'm up. Drank Spike before my evening workout!!!


i should be sleeping but im at friking work.. i hate accounting


What are your hours like over there?

(I assume your busy season is roughly the same as mine in the states.)

I bill about 875-900 hours, so include lunch, dinners and commute time, I pretty much live at work for 4 months.


Don't be a dick, I'm sure his non-working ass paid into unemployment insurance back when his ass was working. When I was unemployed, I would get no hits from applications outside my regular field because no one wants to hire someone who will just quit when they get a "real" job again.


sevenmoist, I take offense to your callous generalization that WE who are currently unemployed are suppported by people like you. SHEEIT. Listen up, sonny, I'm gonna tell you a story. I've been working since I was 15, served this once-great Nation for 20, held numerous jobs, and quit my last one because I had enough of the BS that I'd put with for years aplenty.

I've not been just sitting on my ass twiddling my thumbs "getting paid" with YOUR or the Govt's money. And I'm damn sure not afraid of hard work. hell, it's all "hard" work if you gotta be there to survive. The pittance I get for unemployment IMO is the least the govt/State owes me after all I've contributed but I don't need or want to be on it forever like welfare.

So, in the meantime I am a bit more selective about where I work but it seems the employers are even MORE selective about who they want working for them. So before you open your mouth and GET a foot inserted in it--think. Everyone's circumstance are not the same. 'nuff said

BTW, thanks PMPM for calling him out.