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Anyone Eat Raw Eggs?


Avidin! Biotin! Poliquin! Yeah!

But does anyone here eat them anyway? Do you seem to gain (whatever you're trying to gain) when eating them on a regular basis?

Not looking for studies here; just personal opinions.


if i'm really short on time i'll do it, no it wont work magically better than other food because rocky did it haha


I used to add one to homemade milk shakes when I was a kid. My grandmother did it for my dad in the 50s. I cant say it helped but I can tell ya I never got sick from them.


yea i just made a thread recently about my raw egg exploits...or should i say "eggsploits" lmao, i know.

anyway yeah i eat on average 3dozen eggs a day, most ive had so far is 5 1/2 dozen.

i eat so many eggs because theyre cheap and fit into the AD, and i eat them raw because...well after youve cooked eggs every way you know how you get pretty sick of the taste, so i figure i eat them raw, less taste,waaay less time but sometimes i can feel very queezy for up to a half hour afterwards.

the only thing ive gained from eating eggs raw is repulsive farts.


haha yeah i always feel uneasy after, but so far have seemed to have lucked out on the samanella...

whats the most you can take back at once before choking or anything?

usually if i try more than 5 i start choking and it ruins the whole thing...haha
(not to hijack the thread, just thought it would be fun/interesting to see)


Lately i've been blending them with : ice, vanilla extract, golden flax seeds, unsweetened almond milk, walnuts, and cottage cheese.

When i would have them plain it was usually just the yolks, up to like 5-6 at a time. Never tried to drink a lotta whites plain.


raw eggs in chocolate milk, or as i perfer, ovaltine. only have done it a few times but taste wise its fine.


I used to but after finding the studies Berardi was refering to concerning uncooked eggs 50% digestability-availability I pretty much stopped, I no longer thought they were cost-effective.



Are you trying to say that you never got sick from eating that many, or that eating that many didn't help you with mass gains. I guess I've always had a romanticized notion that eggs were a perfect fuel or something and eating a lot would make you grow like crazy.

I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed I was sucking down a half dozen or more raw eggs a day, and I think it helped me a lot when I couldn't otherwise have solid foods. I think I may go back to chugging some raw eggs, if nothing else it seemed to have a weird toughening effect.


Not to question Berardi, but I remember hearing something about the egg white being more bioavailable when cooked, but the yoke being less. For years I always made my eggs "over easy" with the yokes runny, mainly because I had heard that. Would it make any sense to swallow the uncooked yoke, and cook the "white" seperately? Have I been misled?


i dont think eggs have any magical powers is all. they are definately good fuel: protein,fat, & low carb. i dont know if its any better than plain ol cattle but its certainly no worse, and it certainly is better than a lot of other foods out there too.

as far as how many i can consume at once, ive never tried too many. i usually stick to 2 at a time max.

i also like to mix them into protein shakes to get extra protein+fat and i like the added thickness it gives to the overall milkshake.


I used to eat them raw, but question for you guys.

Did you guys ever break up the yokes before chugging? I know that was the hardest part in keeping them down for me, the moment that yoke hit the back of my throat and broke uhhh nasty ish man.

I throw them in my protein shakes, and I have drank a bunch of egg whites before. They kinda burn going down though.


I used to eat cartons of egg whites.

Funny thing is that it took me 2 months to figure out that it was the one thing giving me really bad gas. Secondly, to make it even more fun I would sometimes get swamp diarrhea.

So, I stopped.

Haven't tried whole eggs, because I'm scared of salmonella poisoning. Is the reason behind raw eggs and salmonella because the eggs are excreted through the hen's hole right next to it's asshole and shit gets on it? I forget.


You ever think a chicken looks at an egg and goes, "Wow, I can't believe that just came out of my pussy."?


Since it only takes a few seconds to scramble eggs, I have never eaten even one raw. Just never saw a point to it.


I'd rather cook 'em so I can add cheese and bacon or sausage to it. Tastes much better than salmonella, yum-yum!


I've put egg whites in a protein shake without cooking them but they were pasturised organic eggs. I wouldn't trust raw, normal eggs that have never been cooked before.


If there were [i]any chance[/i] that the protein wasn't bioavailable, that would seal the deal for me.

Couple this with the fact that there is delicious protein POWDER out there...yeah I can't see any reason to drink raw eggs.


I agree! I like to make burritos with my eggs.

3 eggs, onion, green pepper, dash of milk, dash of taco seasoning.


2 wheat tortillas , a little taco sauce and cheese.



Golly gee then how are you going to get a diverse Amino Acid Profile? You gotta put 3 meats, BCAA pills, eggs, and 2 fistfulls of oatmeal into every shake if you wanna get huge.