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Anyone Eat Only 2 Meals A Day?

Any of you guys eat 2 big meals a day? I’m just curious to see what your day consists of.

I’ve found eating 2 meals a day a having some snack (like almonds) during the day is how I’m the most consistent eating for my goals.

Yep, and it’s working a treat…

5.am - 1g of A Carnitine, 1g HMB, 2-3 strong coffees
5.30.am - cardio 45 mins

8.am - 1.g HMB

3.g Leucine
40 - 50g protein, same carbs
15-20.g fats
Around 500 - 600 cals

5.g Creatine
1.g HMB
6.g Citruline M
1.g A Carnitine

4.30.pm - 5.30.pm

3.g Leuicine, electrolyte mix (15g)

100 -120.g protein
200 - 300g carbs (depending on workout volume)
20-30.g fat
Around 1500 - 2000 cals

Total around 2000 - 2500 cals a day
Monday - Chest and upper back
Tuesday - squat day
Wednesday - sled recovery work in PM
Thursday - Shoulders and arms
Friday - Muay Thai
No cardio on Saturday which is dead- lift/posterior chain day + up cals to around 3500

HMB - used as anti-catabolic + doesn’t spike insulin
C Malate/creatine for work capacity
A Carnitine - brain function/fat burning
Leucine with every solid meal and PWO - helps with anabolism

Carbs reduced to around 120 on non-weight training days (30 lunch/90 dinner), fats increased to make up cals

Am 180lbs and re-comping to same weight - less bf (currently between 12-14%, upper 2 rows of abs but slight lower ab fat/back fat)

Energy good, workouts solid, fat steadily going (following this plan for 4 weeks, I usually do less weights and train Muay Thai 5-6 times a week - aiming to get stronger and leaner in the 175-180lbs weight class) I live in Bangkok by the way, If doing Muay Thai AM and PM, I have a piece of fruit or two and 3g Leucine after AM session + up my carbs by about another 50-80g (20+ lunch, rest at dinner)

I’ve been eating this way for around 8 months (manipulating macro depending on phase/goal/training) and have gone from 163lbs (visible abs) to where I am now. Around 10-15lbs lean mass.

FOR ME - easy to follow sustainable diet that allows big satisfying meals in the evening. I often eat breakfast at the weekends if I go out with GF and young daughter (or staying at a hotel with buffet breakfast included) and don’t major in the minors. Suits my psychological profile in regards to food.

Hope this helps


If I don’t eat every 3 - 4 hours, I feel like I have the flu.


I eat two big meals…and then eat smaller meals the rest of the day.

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I pretty much each just 1 meal a day.

5:00AM: train with a little casien hydroslate before and after.

8-9:00AM: Coffee

about 11:00AM: veggies ( broccoli, kale, sauerkraut, peppers and such)

12:00PM: long walk, stretching/prehab

Afternoon 2-3:00PM: fish oil and some bone broth

5:30-7:30PM: Something like
-1 pound of beef with cheese and yogurt
-some chicken or fish with veggies and maybe a potato
-a bowl of nut butter, butter, and baking chocolate
-decaf coffee with 1/3 cup of cream

That probably isn’t a good sign for overall health.

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All four of these, right? Cuz if you go to bed on a cup of coffee after that day of eating, I’m incredibly jealous of your ability to not eat.

Yes all 4. I’m getting 3000+ calories a day typically right now.

I actually made almond flour-coconut oil bread yesterday and ate the loaf at about 2000 calories on top of a pound of beef, 2 skin on chicken thighs, and some chocolate.

Thank goodness, I thought you were prepping for the cover of Shape magazine or something.

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Some people want to look like Justin beiber as the pre-photoshop underwear model, and that’s ok. I’m just not one of them.


I used to fast with keto and I’d eat one large meal at lunch. About 1500± calories, then a smaller one at dinner… 500-700 calories. Nothing else but coffee, 1.5/2 gallons of water, and supplements. Went from 381 over all to 311 like this.

I had a short phase at the end of last year where I did Gironda’s steak and eggs diet, which was two meals a day and worked out around 1800-1900 kcals. I found it worked very well for me, probably due to the fact (a) I have done some form of IF for years now so not eating until lunch was easy, and (b) I function well on low carb/keto eating so steak and eggs was perfect, and © and I am a typical endomorph so longer periods between meals suits my body type.

There is also something quite alpha male about devouring so much red meat so maybe there was a small physiological boost in there too.

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[quote=“isdatnutty, post:1, topic:225599”]
Any of you guys eat 2 big meals a day? I’m just curious to see what your day consists of.[/quote]
I’m generally up around 7. Breakfast around 10 or 11, train with a workout drink around 3ish, dinner at 6 or 7, shake before bed around 10.

I never gave it a ton of thought or did it deliberately, but I recently started logging and realized I’m basically doing two big meals a day, with a pre-bed shake, workout nutrition, and sometimes a small something before training.

I do know that I can’t handle intermittent fasting. If I go 8+ waking hours without eating, I binge whenever I do start eating. And eating something every 2-3 hours always felt impractical, very unnatural, and restrictive to me, even while working from home where it “shouldn’t” be an issue.

6 eggs

1 tupperware of chicken meat and bones

4 slices bread and ham

This is considered a lot of calories for me as I’m cutting.

Hi Chris

When I’m on a lean mass phase this is often an approach I use on weight training days to ensure an adequate caloric surplus…Currently as I’m re-comping I’m sticking to and having success with my current protocol (original slightly long winded reply to OP). FOR ME, I’ve found that unless doing a high volume training session of over an hour, my current pre and post workout supplementation work well:
5.g Creatine
1.g HMB
6.g Citruline M
1.g A Carnitine

3.g Leuicine, electrolyte mix (15g)

As I eat a decent amount of carbs I don’t currently see the need to ingest them during my work out. May I inquire to the composition of your current workout shake in relation to your training/goals at present?



[quote=“moogweasel, post:15, topic:225599”]
May I inquire to the composition of your current workout shake in relation to your training/goals at present?[/quote]
Currently training to “build momentum” before pushing for fat loss/recomp by June. Three full body workouts per week, 25-30 total sets per workout, plus 15 minutes cardio at the end of each session.

1 scoop Plazma with 5g creatine before training (with Indigo-3G shortly before that), 1 scoop Plazma during training. I didn’t mention it, but non-training days are lower carb and calorie (dropping the Plazma and reducing or removing carbs from the meals).

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This. Do whatever makes it easiest to hit your daily calories and macros. Your eating pattern is more psychologically important that physiologically important.

I wish I could but eating 700g of carbs on low days is just simply impossible in that few of meals and not feeling like death

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Thank you for taking the time to respond Chris.



My mom once referred to eating six meals per day as “a sentence”. A long time ago I would do that and looking back on it, it was indeed a sentence.

I have three moderate meals and one or two mini-meals/snacks. I eat like this because of my hunger pattern. When I prepped, it was three meals and two snacks, one of which was so small I sometimes just combined it with my breakfast.

I don’t know how some guys assign themselves six meals a day, but if they like that, it’s fine. I just don’t know how the hell anyone gets stuff done with near- constant interruption. I once heard an interview with Justin Harris in which he said he brought four whole meals to work. I like the guy, but I couldn’t help think to myself that if I was such a guy’s employer/boss I’d want to punch and/or yell at him. Same goes for when I watch Evan Centopani’s meal prep videos in which he fritters away entire days cooking, cleaning, and eating and shackled to his kitchen. I’m not sure how I’d handle enraged 270-or-so-pound behemoths if I were to actually yell at or punch one. :slight_smile:

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