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Anyone Drink Liquid Whey from Cheese Making?

I am in Eastern Europe, and they have this liquid whey excess from making cheese at all the farmer’s markets. It is very cheap; only 100din (1 dollar) for 3 liters. My wife has her degree in nutrition and said it is very healthy with good of vitamins and minerals plus some protein. Most people do not drink it here, but they use it in receipes as it taste like watered down, slightly sour milk.
So recently we bought some, and I have been drinking a cup or two a day for a little added healthiness and maybe a little protein. Anyone else drink this?

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to get pretty much free protein shakes :wink:

Go for it if you can stand the taste! Here in China, I get free fish liver!

The taste is definitely not the best, but I survive it the same as I do a little ACV every morning that I also don’t like the taste of - but endure for the health benefits.
I did a little googling and don’t think much protein is left in it, so it is not quite like a protein shake but has added nutrients,vitamins, minerals that are supposed to be helpful + a little protein. 3 liters for $1; hard not to buy and at least try.

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I do this too! I suggest mixing the acv with twice the water and adding some honey or stevia- really helps

I tried several ways. I decided to just swig a little from the bottle and immediately follow it with some juice or my oats/apple/milk/cocoa breakfast.

I guess no one else likes this liquid whey stuff or it is not as easily available in US, etc. I never heard of it before moving to Eastern Europe, but every one here knows what it is…

I don’t know anything about the production/sourcing for it, but I’m guessing that’s where we get all of the raw material for our whey supplements. The concentrates, isolates, etc.

For straight raw whey cottage cheese and ricotta is a fine source and relatively popular. Most people simply aren’t accustomed to it being completely separated. When it separates in my yogurt or other products I just whip it right back in.

I don’t have any experience with the whey liquid but I once got 10kgs of unflavored whey isolate cheap and the taste was, well, disgusting.

So I’d mix with a little concentrate sugar free cordial and stevia and it was drinkable.

One thing about the whey liquid is that it might not be very high in protein - I’m not sure exactly but maybe 3-5%. That’s ok if you’re having a litre but a small glass probably doesn’t have very much in it.

Same, but seeing as it is mostly carbs and calcium I might tip it away.