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Anyone Drink Coconut Water?


as a child i drank this all the time. anyone use it now? what do you think about adding this to my diet


Not coconut water, but I do use a lot of coconut milk and I love the stuff. Tends to be a lot of sugar in coconut milk.


I drink it because i heard it helps with electrolites, but isn't way too sweet like gatorade, and also doesn't have a ton of sugar like gatorade. Thats what i heard, i don't have data, but I do know that the taste is good, and is subtle enough so that you can drink a lot when you are thirsty without turning your tongue blue.


Your correct full of electrolites and great for hydration, has 10 times more potassium than bananas so excellent for after a good cardio session.


Everyone is correct so far. It has electrolytes and simple sugars and is a delicious natural alternative to Gatorade. I've had it a few times, and it's good but I didn't notice any significant difference in my workout. Just make sure not to get a flavored version.


Many on the market have a lot of added sugar, particularly the ones coming from Asia, so just be careful which one you choose, depending on your attitude toward sugar. ONE brand is very good, but unfortunately expensive.


I just crack a young coconout on the floor then drink the water and eat the little meat that is inside.. very good and tasty and hydrating


The water is full of electrolytes and your post is full of euphemisms. You must be a poet.

Are you a poet, Stefano? Don't lie to us.


oh how I've missed Jesus...


I am not a poet, at least in this parallel reality I am living now.. but I sorted to see why you told me that and re read what I wrote..not sure If I got it...but whatever...thank you for your observation... I remember there was a parallel reality , that I do not prefer thought, where I Was told by women if I was a poet, cuz I used to express like that to appear good to them. This is not the case anymore as I know I do not have to change myself to please someone and that everything is for a reason... so...I am not in that reality anymore :smiley:


Hi Andy, I have read it on the other post as well..

anyway...speaking of Jesus..there is a guy, also is name is Andy,a lawyer here in LA who knows about the teleportation device that the goverfnment has since 1969 (this for having been as a kid used to experiment time travel and linear teleportation) who has seen in a chronovisor Jesus at the moment of crucifixion and he told me that if I was emaciated I was just looking like him.

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x2 welcome back!

Last we heard, you were in L.A, I think you should start a thread in GAL and tell us all about your American visit.


I used to drink those cans of fresh coconut water...but honestly, I think the impact is MARGINAL unless you're having a high rep workout or running a half marathon or something. I'm not sure.

Cheaper (for me) to sprinkle some salt/salt substitute (potassium) in my water :slight_smile:



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Really? that NEVER happens!

I really do want to hear about Stefano's adventures though.


yes I am still in California, Venice my place of perfect peace.. having a good time..what you wanna know? I had 4 more contacts with ETs while here, still in dream state, after moments of integration with my fellow people around...then saw a space craft at night at the beach in Venice at 22pm, huge..like a mother ship and I was there... of course.. we are stellar family


Where do you buy pure unflavoured unsweetened coconut water?
I cant find it in the supermarkets.

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^ Epic!


They sell it in Coles and Woolies. In the fruit and vege section they have imported green coconuts wrapped in plastic. They're for drinking. Picture attached of what they look like(the white ones cut to shape).


How much do you get out of one coconut?
Im going to get some strange looks bringing coconuts into the gym.

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