Anyone Done Nsuns 5/3/1 6 Day Deadlift Program?

Background on me: Been lifting for less than 2 years, bench:245 squat:405 deadlift:~465

Currently cutting but when I do begin bulking again (mid december) i want to begin my first program, I currently lift 7 times a week and take rest days whenever I am too busy or just feel like resting. My main goal is a 500 deadlift, but in the long term I would like to do a powerlifting meet in mid 2019.

The program I have found to be the most interesting is nsuns 5/3/1 6 day deadlift. Has anyone run this program and have any input on it? or if you haven’t run it but have checked it out what do you have to say about it? good? bad?

The only changed I made to the program is instead of front squats I would do SSB squats.

I also pull sumo so I would sumo 2x a week and conventional 1x

I’m not familiar with the 6 day deadlift version of 5/3/1, but that seems like an awful lot. I know with 5/3/1 I usually can’t walk normal for a few days after 5’s let alone train the same lift 4 more times that week.

Look to reddit for reviews on this program.

I mean, give it a whirl. If you feel destroyed by it back off. Everyone responds differently to stimulus.
Personally I need more recovery time and deadlift once a week. I upped it to twice a week for my last meet because it was a push/pull. so I dedicated my normal squat day to deads. Finally got my 500lb pull.

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It’s not actually a 5/3/1 program it just uses the same percentages and reps for most lifts.

There are multiple different versions of the program including 4,5, and 6 day squat or deadlift centered. No one has said anything against it besides being too fatigued so I think I’m going to give it a shot, worst comes to worst its too much and I go to a 5 day variant. Unless someone provides other disadvantages to the program and has recommendations for another one of course.