Anyone Done CT's Beast Building?

I am the embodiment of the guy who has been on here for a while, and because of that thinks he knows everything and can write a better program for myself than any strength/bodybuilding coach who has ever walked the earth. Well I have finally come to the conclusion that I’m a fuck stick and should follow the advice of someone who really knows what theyâ??re talking about.

I like the layout of CT’s Beast Building (Parts 1 - 3) I think it would work well for someone at my stage, and I’m curious what results others have had with it.


There was a training log of a guy doing it…he doesnt update anymore.

It looks sick though. I was going to do it for the first part of this year but opted to get into “Mutation Series”.

I also have Beast Building printed out in my office for clients but I havent met anyone I felt comfortable doing it with.

Go for it. Every map of TC I have followed has changed the way I look in some way…from "Power ;ppk to that Shoulder Specialization last Fall.

I was between doing this and IBB without the Anaconda Protocol (because I am not made of money) and I figured this would be a good introduction to CT’s methods if I ever do decide to do IBB in the future.

I injured my back a few years ago though and heavy compressive loading does not go over well, do you think I would be able to get away with doing split squats, lunges and other variations? My primary goal with Beast Building would be to grow my upper body - lats, delts and pecs specifically while keeping my legs strong. Then once I have finished the program find a suitable leg specialization routine.

Is this reasonable or should I go back to square one?

That sounds good. In reality, squatting is overrated.

Hit it hard, bro.

Check out OVT. I know CT now considers it obsolete but lots of people on these boards have got great results from it

I’m jumping right into the 3rd high volume phase… it’s very similar to the way I lift now… I’m going to start a new muscle building stack as well and hopefully after 6-8 weeks we’ll see some results so I can continue with the format.

Yes, twice.

First time suffered injury halfway through second phase. Came back a year later, made sure I didn’t make the same mistake and completed the entire program.

Took a few weeks off did some split training then went into a DC program.

Let’s just say it was a successful year in the gym.

I suggest doing it, but start from the beginning. I highly recommend it.

What kinds of gains / changes in your body did you see? I had to stop after just finishing the first phase because I moved and haven’t been able to find a suitable gym to do it in or partner to work with. However, for me, after completing the first phase all I was left with was less muscle endurance and numbers that were either the same or had actually dropped.

Definitely giving Phase 1 a go after I finish competition season this November! When I have time I’ll read into phases two and three. I was leaning towards 5/3/1 previously, but that will have to wait!

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Go for it. Every map of TC I have followed has changed the way I look in some way…[/quote]

Evil One,

I realize TC is a typo and you meant CT - but isn’t that cool how two of the most prolific writers on this site have similar initials :slight_smile:

My final contest is this weekend and I can’t wait to give this a try. I’ll probably take a week break and enjoy thanksgiving, and hit phase 1 hard come December. I’m planning on keeping a detailed log for the first time online, here on TN! I haven’t implemented doubles or tripes since high school, and it was certainly never a well-thought out program. I’ve also never used isometrics consistently, can’t wait to see how my body responds.

Brothers, I implore you – who is ready to begin beast building, any takers want to accompany me on this path to beastlyness? Let’s get brolic!

I did this and logged it. Basically my squat and deadlift went up, but it didnt do much for my bench. Mass-wise its hard to quantify how much I gained, but I did see an improvement in hardness/myogenic tone.

But then to be fgair, it was probably way too advice for me, at about 160 my lifts back then were 205/240/340 ish.