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Anyone Doing OLAD Right Now?


Anyone doing this program currently?

I started it again this week because it really gives me a kick in the ass when my program is starting to stagnate.

What a fucking killer it is.




Yeah...it's such a killer workout...especially when you play the workout music that comes with it.

...and then you think you can't go on but you manage to drag you way through the combat pyramids and realise you can do it!!!!


what's olad? pardon my ignorance


The "One Lift a Day" Program by Dan John




I used it in the past, made pretty good strength gains for legs but not much at all for bench and military press. But then again, i never really felt "dialed in" as to what weights i should be using each set. The wave suggestion in the article didnt work for me, i mean, once i hit failure on the top set (which was the 4th set on the 7X5 week i believe), I was pretty much done and left me feeling sets 5-7 were pointless as i had to drop the weight so much. I just burn out too quickly it seems. Another problem was weight selection on the set prior to the max top set. I have to walk such a fine line....has to be enough to where theres not a big jump and the weight feels heavy as fuck, but not too much to the point it fatigues me.

Still though, gotta love the simplicity of the program. I'd like to give it another shot soon.