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Anyone Doing NAD+ IV Therapy to Support Your Bodybuilding?

What is NAD+ IV therapy?

NAD+ therapy optimizes your own cells’ NAD levels so they rev up and provide you with more immediate energy. NAD+ therapy can also fight the physical effects of aging, reduce depression and anxiety, combat chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances, and help relieve you of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

I’m thinking of trying it.

So no one has tried this?
My appointment is 4PM Tuesday
This place comes to your home at no additional charge which is pretty cool.
I will be getting 250mg of NAD+ In a full bag of saline.

OK so I got the IV today. 250mg. It took about 45 minutes.

The drip was pretty slow. NAD+ does not feel good going in.
It makes you nauseous and edgy. About 15 minutes post IV I was feeling better.
We will see what tomorrow will bring.

If you want to read up on NAD+ here a good site.