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Anyone Doing HP Mass Without Supps?


Just did day 2 of week 2 and really enjoying it although this week i feel like napping 60mins post - not the worst idea but i try to nap during the day so i sleep it up at night (up at 5am - lights off at 10pm-ish)

i'm not big on supp's and this is wjat i do which is lossley based on the peri workout diet from earlier in the year

5:30am - whey and water, apple, banana
8 or 9am - leucine, whey, water...10mins later bowl of sugary cerial...10mins later workout

11 - 11:30 - 4 eggs, 4 slices of bread, 4 slices of bacon, veggies

basically protein and veg for another 3 meals

in the process of upping cals a bit but i was just interested in seeing how others are going without a lot of supplementation, getting though these workouts

i've also come off a lot of low volume, high intensity type training so the volume is probably 4 x what normally do so that will take some getting used to


I'm not doing the whole HPmass system but i'm training the main lifts almost everyday right now. I don't use supps. I can buy a a lot of food for $300 plus.


i'm doing most of it - legs are good where they are and i was wanting an upper concentrated loading phase so i'm moving to:

mon - upper x 2 exercises
tue - upper x 2 exercises
wed - nc
thu - lower x 1 exercise / upper x 1 exercise
fri - lower x 1 exercise / upper x 1 exercise
sat - lat/bi + sled stuff 9might chuck some legs in here too)
sun nc

i am going to really up the cals and with x mas coming is really good timer to get on it...plus the length of the sessions is not working for me either and they only get longer


Right now i'm doing OHP, DB bench press and FSQ every session. I might switch the FSQ for deads after a few days. I actually took this day off.

Planned WO for tomorrow:

AM: 3-5x3@60-70%
PM: 5-8x3@60-80%+

If i feel strong i'll do some singles work for the DB bench press. %90+ I also will do some upper back work and maybe a lat exercise.

I use the FSQ and DB press due to previous training injuries. Have thought about using some back squats lately though and even barbell bench presses.


so are you basically doing as written but doing activation/potentiation zones in am and max training in pm?

that's a pretty good idea, bit not 1 i can do


I just call it light and heavy training!!

Yeah i guess you could say that. I treat the light session has a kind of neural charge/practice session. Working better then anything i've done for strength gains.

The last 2 weeks i have done the light workout and heavy workout on separate days though. Trying to do both in one day tomorrow.


what warm up sets do you use on the strength day then?


i would rather do something everyday then a big session on 1 day, i own a gym so i'm there everyday and can do that but with 1st born on the horizon, 90 - 120min sessions are a no go

mind posting your program for me?



Seriously dude you own a gym your asking me about warmups?


Hey swan i guess you meant your own "gym". lol Anyhow on my heavy days i just use a basic ramp for the OHP and FSQ. I perform the OHP before the DB press so i see no need to ramp.


i own/operate a personal training studio...

sounds good...i'm really trying to minimise the time where i can

some each day is better than a lot on some days for me