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Anyone Doing 'Get Shredded'?

Anyone on here following the Get Shredded Diet?

Bump-well anyways, I started the GSD in earnest on 09 SEP 07. I will update as the schedule allows. Starting stats:

HT: 5’9"
WGT: 190 lbs
Waist: 34"
BF%: Approx. 15-17%-a tad higher than recommended but I MUST lose at least 12 labs in about 4.5 weeks.

I’ll certainly help anyone else interested in TEARING the fat off with the GSD with progress and lessons learned.

Yeah, keep updating please. THanks,

So here’s the plan:
P: 190-200g/day=about 30g per meal/120 Kcals
F: 90-100g/day=about 16g per meal/ 145 Kcals
C: 25-30g/day=about 5g per meal (all from vegetables/incidentals in Metabolic Drive Protein Powder)/20 Kcals
Total: 285-300/meal or feeding x 6 per day = 1700-1800 Kcals/day
(For a 285 Kcal meal:P=42%;F=51%;C=7%-obviously if every meal averages out that way the percentages remain the same for the entire day).

Estimate Daily schedule:

A.M.: 1x Multivitamin; 2x Fish Oil caps; 1-2X HOT-ROX tablets, Power Drivex 1 scoop/serving in 1L(34 oz) H20.

Meal #1: Eggwhites, 1 serving broccoli/cauliflower/spinach mix, 1.5 TBSP full fat Mayo or 1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). -OR- 1x scoop M-Drive + 2 tsp cold pressed flax seed oil with phytosterols.

Pre Training: L-Glutamine caps X2-3g; Creating X5g; BCAAs x 5g; 1L H20
Post Training: Same as above + 2x Fish Oil caps + Metabolic Drive x1 scoop + 2xtsp flaxseed oil + ice cubes, water and cinnamon-. Good stuff.

M2: Tuna or Crabmeat (Phillips cups 44g P/serving!), or Perdue diced or sliced Chicken or Turkey strips + 1 Serving Vegetables (Broc./Caul./Spin.) + 1.5 TBSP Mayo or EVOO or Butter or Avocado or Full Fat Cheese. I like Swiss. It tastes good. + 2x Fish Oil Caps.

In between: 3x BCAAs tabs.

Post Lunch: 1-2x HOT-ROX tabs; 1 serving Power Drive (34 oz H20/1L).

M3: MD Shakex 1 scoop w/ 2tsp flaxseed oil. or jerky/nuts/string cheese + 2X Fish Oil Caps and a partridge in a pear tree.

In between: 3x BCAAs tabs.

M4: Exactly the same as M2. Done.

Pre lights out (approx. 1hr.): 3x ZMA tabs-GREAT STUFF I SAY.

M5/M6 (if needed to meet daily requirements/allay any hunger): The aforementioned M.D shake cocktail-I like it. It tastes just like an ice cream shake. I highly recommend it. -OR- a home made protein pudding-I saw a recipe on here somewhere-kudos to the inventer, that is outstanding. or Egg white/veggie omelet w/ either EVOO, Mayo, butter or about 1/4 of an avocado.

Refeed days-M1=oatmeal and Bluberries, M2: same as M1, M3: The whole right -and- left side of the refrigerator. Daily totals-don’t bother but it likely won’t be over 3x the normal daily amount as written in the original GSD article.

Daily totals sit at approximately 1750 Kcals.

Training has been and will progress as follows for the first four weeks:

M,W,F, (maybe Sat.): Strenght training-big compound lifts hitting multiple large muscle groups and I will go with one upper push move such as bench or shoulder press, incline or decline bench; one big lower body such as regular back squat (deep), deadlift, split or bulgarian squats; one big pull movement such as pullups, chinups, barbell rows or seated rows. That method gives a full body workout and I complete a 4 or 5 x 6-8 rep. fashion. about30 secs rest in between each set using a ciruit method.

I warm up on a cardio machine for 5 minutes, train like a beast for about 30-40 mins (approx. how long it has been taking) and then I complete 15-20 mins of low to moderate intensity cardio afterwards. Total time 1 hr. 5 mins. Essential since time is of the essence, it is an extremely efficient training session, hitting what I need it to and it is relatively quick.

T, Th. (and either Sat. or Sunday): 20-25 mins MIT or HIIT on 2-3 different machines, and about 20 mins of stretching and foam roller work (for overall great durability and flexibilty plus it works the nodules formed in the muscles’ cells from strength training and general usage).

I will switch up the training every 4 weeks. The first week of next month will most likely be an off week since I am moving at that point but I’ll be active by moving, completing yard work, and doing whatever else I can to increase, my NEPA to the extent possible. (I plan to continue with supplementation)-anyone think otherwise?

Finally- I strive to drink a MINIMUM 120 oz (about a gallon) of the clear stuff every day. Water if a blessing from the Good Lord Himself, lets keep him happy.

Thank you all for listening. Peace

Here it goes-

End of day 4. Energy, strength and concentration have been steady both in the gym and at work-likely due to the HOT-ROX and Power Drive supplementation. I used the 2 HOT-ROX in the AM and 1 at around 1300 but only the one serving of Power Drive in the morning-I may up its dosage to twice daily-with the afternoon HOT-ROX. I will switch thermogenics to the Redline drinks next week or the following in order to use them up-I have a week’s supply left in my refrigerator.

Training went well this morning. Warmed up 5 mins on the elliptical then I hit the Bench Press, Deep Barbell Back Squats and Pullups all 4x8 plus I finished each Squat set with 15-17 calve raises. I finished the session with 20 mins medium intensity cardio on the elliptical machine(s). I have been making small but steady gains in the gym. I believe that is mostly due to my supplementation program which has been right on as planned minus the Power Drive as mentioned above.

I have found it easy enough to make it until around 0900 before I ingest any food/shakes without any real hunger and the same goes for between the afternoon meal and about 4 hours later. Again, likely because of the HOT-ROX my hunger is suppressed for nearly 4 hours.

I may try taking a third dosage of one tablet between the first feeding and the second one so the schedule would be: upon waking up, at 1000 and at 1300. That, I believe will help even more with any hunger. I find I am hungriest at night but I won’t take the HOT-ROX past 1400 because I won’t sleep well-even with the ZMA which I take an hour before lights out. To ameliorate that situation, I wait until under an hour before I inted to go to sleep to eat my last meal of the day-trying to fall asleep hungry just sucks and should be avoided IMHO.

Overall, the clothes are beginning to fit better and I can even start to see some gradual changes in the mirror. The hunger isn’t unbearable and the training and work are humming along nicely. I plan on weighing and taking pictures once a week on Sundays. I’ll upload these progress pics later.

Stay tuned…

Day 5:

I admit I screwed up last night- got hungry ate a bit (bunch), then came back with a vengeance today and cut even harder to get back on track (at least psychologically). Hey, these things happen on cutting diets-especially on those as extreme as these. But that’s done and now I’m right back on track.

Macros: for the day today are right on track, but I cut a little extra off so I’ll get in under 1800 kcals for the day. Tomorrow they will jump back up to the 1800-2000 range.

Supplements: Exactly as planned.

Training: HIIT exactly as planned-right at about 30 mins.

NEPA: Kept up and moving most of the day.

Energy/strength: good until about 1500 then I had a huge crash in both due to the huge cut in kcal consumption for the day. I only had 400 in by mid day-and that included fish oil capsules. I don’t recommend trying that. Ever. Especially if you have to drive home any distance of significance at the end of the day. In retrospect, I should have just got right back on with the plan exactly as laid out without cutting even more. At least I feel better psychologically-I feel like I’m right back on.

In general, I feel it is progressing well, the clothes are continuing to fit better (looser) and the mirror is gradual getting leaner.

Finally, I hope anyone following this thread is getting something out of it. It is as much an experiment and journey to leanness for yours truly as it is to be motivational and a lesson for others, to add to the growing list of others’ succes story in the GSD. I know I’ll need to post up some progress pictures to truly inspire and I plan on putting those up in the near future.

The saga continues…

Days 6&7:

Training: Excellent strength in the weightroom. I hit some PRs on the bench. on Friday which was an upper body push pull day. Today (Saturday) was a lower and plyometric heavy day. Training lasted for about 1.5 hours total (I finished with 20 minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio). Training felt really good and solid the last two days. Great progress here.

Diet: Ratios have been right on however, the last two days were more like the Velocity Diet as discussed on T-Nation. That was fine as I still hit all of my macronutrient rations. I went to the Grocery store today and picked up a load of green(and white) vegetables. I get the bags of broccoli and cauliflower florets and spinach. I had a few hunger pangs today but overall not too bad! As of right now I have only hit about 1600 kcals and I plan on that being it for the day.

Supplements: I skipped the afternoon dosage of HOT-ROX as I over did it in the morning and the heart was racing lightning fast in the gym and I got all jittery. I’ll go with 1 cap. x 3 times a day over the next week and assess how that goes. I am also finishing a bottle of TRIBEX which is to be finished this week. Finally, I did not use Power Drive today because I did not feel that I needed it-I had plenty of energy all day long.

Overall still going strong after 7 days and I definitely am feeling a lot better and leaner-as a testament, I had to move the belt notch over a bit more!

More to come…

Quick update,

Due to the nature of my profession (military), I have been out at a lot of ranges and in the field and now I am in the process of moving to another location so I have to take a bit of a hiatus from the GSD. I will maintain everything that I can from it (training, supplementation, lower kcal diet), I’ll just need to continue making a few adjustments along the way and then pick it right back up ASAP (should be within the next several weeks). These things happen and you just have to roll with it. I plan on chronicling my progress once I get back to it.

The gains in the weightroom keep coming-PRs all over the place! Energy is awesome so is concentration and focus. The shredd is coming.

One thing I’d like to note is that if one is going to decide to do a something such as the GSD-just do it! I mean read the applicable material(s), take an hour or so and plan and write out everything you need, calculate your ratios, post it somewhere you can refer to it quickly until it is ingrained, go get what you need as soon as you can and just do it. Make adjustments on the way. If you think about it, there really isn’t a “best” time to do it, because something always comes up and you just need to be prepared to go with it, adjust, and drive on. The point is that you get right back to it and never…ever…quit-you stop when you complete it.

More to come-stay tuned…

“That which does not destroy me makes me stronger.” Friedriche Nietsche.