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Anyone Doing Complexes?

After a year break from the gym I am trying to get back in decent shape. I did a few rounds of complexes today for cardio and I am totally whipped. Is anyone else doing these on a regular basis? What kind of results are you getting? I am hitting the weights 3 days a week using total body workouts with three separate cardio sessions on different days. HIIT twice a week and now a complex one day a week. Today I did snatch grip RDL > snatch > OHS > GM > back squat > behind the neck push press.

I used an unloaded bar and did sets of six with a minute and a half rest periods. After four rounds I quit. I could barely get the bar over my head on the last few push presses. My goal was 6x6. I guess next time I will shoot for 5x6 and then add weight once I hit 6x6. I have been home two hours and I am still expending oxygen like crazy. I feel like I have been running 400m sprints in concrete boots. This is unbelievable.

keep at it! complexes are great for getting your general physical preparedness up.

Although…remember that they’re used for fat loss. If you took a break off of lifting, depending on your weight and BF% you could be better of focusing on putting on muscle first

I have been mixing them in since January. Once a week, I try to perform a more full body workout with 5 -6 exercise complexes, 60 - 90 seconds rest between complexes. It really kicks my butt. I have to really lower the weight to complete the routines. Reps are usually in the 10 - 15 range.

The rest of the week, I try to work out using 3 different splits so that no one area is hit subsequent days, focusing more on strength, 5X5, etc. anyway, my weight has stayed about the same, down a little but could be a summer thing as well, strength is down but I am much leaner than before. I am pretty happy with my overall fitness but can tell that I have lost some size. by the way, I 5’11" and was around 175 pounds in December, coming in around 168 pounds currently.