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Anyone Doing Complexes?


just interested in how people have included them

i've just finished the 4the round of hp mass which i decided is too much during child birth your wife being in hospital for 5 weeks and running our own business, even when i modified it (i've trained 16 days in a row til today of which i'm done, with 4 days left) and will probably just test for the rest of this week

just wondering how people have popped the complexes in their weekly schedule?

what do people agree might work best:

1 - 2 week phases of focusing on mp/bs with complex and hp days each week where so mp complex/mp hp mass and bs complex/bs hp mass concentrated loading then bp and dl focus the next 2 weeks although that takes away the frequency thing

2 - 1 day each of mp/bs/bp/dl complexes as laid out in the lab

also dp we ramp the pin presses and pp over the 6 sets like normal until mtw?