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Anyone Do Weighted Burpees?


this is my new favorite "finisher" or conditioning exercise to do at the end of my workout. Grab two 40LB dumbbells and do a set of 10 burpees as fast as you can without letting go of the DB's. Rest 60 seconds and repeat 3 or 4 more times.

Anyone else do these? If not you should give them a try! Anyone else have a favorite finisher/conditioning exercise like this that they'd like to share?



We do these for conditioning in boxing....ther hell at first, but I got used to them


With weighted vests, sure. I haven't tried doing burpees with DBs or BBs.


I only use 10kg DBs, but I do a pressup burpee.

Start in the bottom position of a pressup, holding the DBs like you would a pair of pressup stands. Do an explosive pressup, finishing in the crouch position of the burpee, maintaining proper lordosis of the lumbar spine, of course.

Now explode up as fast and high as you can, getting maximum air.

Land on balls of feet and drop down to the crouch position again, but with hands placed ready for the pressup. Fling both legs back at once and smoothly lower the upper body down to the start position.

Pause for a beat. Explode again.

You must stop as soon as technique begins to decline, for this exercise has a high risk:reward ration; lets not make it any more injury-prone.



Google an exercise called the 'Man Maker'. Or try Mr. Spectaculars; go 10-9-8-7....


I think the way you're describing it is how I do them. I do my drop down/pushup/pressup all in one motion then hop back to the starting position (like a DB deadlift) and then explode up as high as I can for a jump. It is an awesome conditioning workout. I used the 40lb DB's last week and might move up in weight after another week or so. It would be awesome to set up a bench of box infront of you and do that burpee into a box jump. That would be hard i bet



That man Maker looks pretty cool but I would need more space to do the exercise than I have at this point lol.

Also I like the burpee because I am trying to work on my hops. I am working on being able to dunk so I feel like that weighted jump at the end will help that out ya know? Good exercises though that I'll have to try out some time. Thanks for sharing



He does the burpees with boxjumping in the video. Sounds intense.


That does sound intense. I'm gonna have to actually try that out soon.



Do a lot of burpee box jumps, usually in conjunction with tire flips, do your flips then burpee jumps onto the tire, repeat, awesome times!

Personal favorite is the Burpee-ChinUp. As you do the jump portion of the burpee you grab the bar and do a chin-drop down from bar and hit the deck again repeat until smashed.


I did burpee pull ups one time but the pull up bar wasnt high enough. I was jumping like 6 inches then grabbing the bar and it just wasnt as hard as I was expecting.

I did weighted burpees again yesterday with the 40lb dumbbells and was flying! I was getting some serious height on my first round... Pretty pumped about that. Gonna probably use the 45 or 50lb dumbbells next time



Key is a high pull-up bar on a power rack,Im guessing mine is around 9 feet high so I luck out.

Also, anyone with experience with Burpee dead's? I seen Martin Rooney has some of his fighters doing them in a few of his videos. Keeping hands on the bar drop down, jump back up and do the deadlift. No vertical jump but might be a good change of pace and could handle extra weight easy as apposed to the db's


I started my weighted burpees doing those. I used dumbbells but I didnt jump. I bet it would be good but I like the dumbbells cause I drop down and do a deep push up in between them at the bottom position.

I'll have to try it with the bar... something light though like 225 just cause I'll feel fatigued and dont wanna have bad form on the deads



I like doing countdowns as a finisher. Basically it's 10 squat jumps, 10 mountain climbers, 9 squat jumps, 9 mountain climbers, 8, 7...

Start off with just body weight and once that gets easy, you could do it with dumbells or a weighted vest.

Tabatas or 5-10 minutes of a 30:30 work great as finishers as well.