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Anyone Do the PLP Challenge with 531?


I'm interested in trying this PLP challenge http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/plp_the_60day_challenge but I'm a little concerned about it interfering with recovery on 531. In the article Waterbury says that his client was using a less intense weight lifting program. Just wondering what other people's thoughts are on this, or if anyone has tried it.


I'd say try it and see how it goes. I've never done 5/3/1 and i've heard that its pretty intense, but PLP has active recovery benefits (i think) and if not i'm sure you will get used to it. You build reps up over time.

I've done the 25 rep method, TBT and i'm currently doing 10x3, plus 20-30m interval training three times a week while doing the "Waterbury challenge". I'd say that the training i have been doing is pretty intense, i'm doing over 110 reps a day (pushups, pullups lungees) and i'm progressing well with 10x3.

If your nutrition and sleep is in order and your not a brand new beginner, go for it!!!!


531 is not what I'd call intense . Make sure your rest and nutrition are in order and give it a shot


I agree with this. If you're doing your conditioning work I don't think recovery will be an issue.


I'm doing it, currently on day 34 and i'm bored as hell, my body yells "NO!" when it's lunge time.


haha, the lunges do creep up on you.