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Anyone do Shoulder Exercises for Injury Prevention?


For example, shoulder dislocations with a band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNilld58tks

And also external rotations with a band for 4 sets of 15-20 reps. I was told DBs were not as good as banded exercises as they give a constant tension throughout.

I also read that internal rotations are not necessary as the internal rotators are already dominant from exercises like bench press and so on.

Does anyone else like to do these exercises to prevent any shoulder problems from arising? Or any different ones as well as these?


p.s. I've had no injuries yet, but want to keep it that way!


I do those "dislocations" (you're not dislocating anything doing those, though, not sure where the name came from) with a broomstick...

Some face-pulls (slowly and a little lighter for somewhat higher reps, explosive movement makes it a rear-delt exercise for me), too.


I do rotator cuff work once a week. after you tear one, you'll want to keep it strong.


anyone else do Smitty's shoulder warm up?

I do before every workout


Cuban press + scap push-ups in my warm up.

If I get time in the week face pulls and external rotations.


1) I feel bands work better than DBs, but cables are even superior (they provide exactly the same tension throughout all the movement);

2) I used to think the same, but since I started subscapularis work (internal rotation), my right shoulder feels more stable while benchpressing;

3) I wish I had started training with the same mindset :frowning:

I split prehab exercises in three: rotator cuff work, scapular work and rear delt work.

You already work your rotator cuff, that's good! For scapular work you can do wall slides, face pulls, prone lateral raises along with serratus activation (push up plus, swiss ball push ups...); for rear delts, bent over flies should be enough to keep shoulders balanced.


I do TYWUI's 2x8 with a light weight (2.5 lbs in each hand right now) at the end of my workout as well as some additional supported rowing and rear delt work. (I had a torn supraspinatus and am still recovering)


Seconded that. Especially the second point.

Also did DC broom stretches but feel like band instead of broom/stick is way better.


Okay, thanks for all the posts. Also, do you think it is okay to do external rotations evey day, and internal rotations every other day (banded)? Or would that be too much?


I dislocated my shoulder just over a year ago. Now that its fully healed, I basically take more time to train my shoulders specifically, when before I would just do the basics.

No bands or anything for me, tho. I just stick to mil. presses and what not. I also try to incorporate more wide grip pulls on back day. I think this is often over looked, but it really helps me stay pain free.


If you don't have any issue, and you're balanced (no rounded shoulders-head forward-intrarotated humeri posture) you can do external rotation every other day, and internal just during your bench press warm up, as an activation drill. Do some scapular work, as well.


Dislocates, rotor cuff work, face pulls......all of it!


Cool, thanks for all the comments. I'm going to do the dislocates after my 10 mins of cardio before I start DB benching tomorrow to warm up the shoulders. Sound like a good plan, as opposed to doing nothing but one warmup set?