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Anyone Do Lean Eating at Precision Nutrition?


Looking for some feedback or results from those that have or are doing Lean Eating.

How long did you do it for and what were your results?

How did it go after you weren't in the program any more?


I got an email from precision about this...I never looked into it..also curious.


The new format of Lean Eating is for 12 months. It's strongly about changing habits and behaviours over the course of that time. It also challenges assumptions about what you think you know and tells you (or strongly suggests), that there are more than one way to "skin a cat".

What sort of progress? Well that really depends on how far off the deep end you are. There are guys that lose like 60lbs, others that drop 10-20lbs and basically end up shredded.

Typically though the results are pretty amazing. Here are some of the previous 'alumni'. 'http://www.precisionnutrition.com/le-aug-2010-winners'

I've not done the program, but have been a member over there since like 2007 so I know the drill.


I did.

Honestly, it didn't go that well. But I'm not going to fault the program. Plenty of people have moderate to amazing success with it.

I'll sum up my own experience and you can ask for details as you want them:

When I started Lean Eating I had also recently started at a Crossfit gym. I was having good luck and great support at the Crossfit gym, so I went into it with the mindset of "I'll do this rather than the program they provide". Part of the problem is that I have a bad knee and a mass-marketed program like Lean Eating is not going to address such a deficiency very well.

However, the workout plans were very detailed with good video demonstrations. Each group of 100 guys had their own coach that monitored their progress and tried to keep people accountable. Each day there was a new article, so there was plenty of interesting reading with some good ideas. I had already been following Precision Nutrition going in, so a lot of the habits were old news but still good to reinforce them.

For the most part I thought it was well put together. My main objection was at the very end, leading up to your final "after" photo, they treat it like the lead up to a bodybuilding competition. There's detailed instructions on cutting salt, reducing water intake, etc. Honestly, trying to get through an entire day on a single cup of water was one of the hardest things I've done. I didn't make it, and I think it's a possibly destructive practice that they force on the participants just to get better looking "after" photos with more startling weight changes.

In summary... did I lose weight in LE? Yes. Have I kept it off? Yes. Would I have lost that weight anyway? Probably. Would I recommend it to someone? Well, if you have great discipline and think a 5-10k prize will help motivate you, give it a try. I did learn some stuff in the process.


Life lesson here.

It's the journey, not the destination.