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Anyone Do Jeff Jet Deadlift Method Training?


and what do you think of it, how much can you jeff jet compared to normal deadlift.

I know benni magnusson does this sort of training


wanna post a link to the training or describe it?


Here’s a vid of someone doing it on Youtube.

Starts as a rack pull and then becomes a full ROM dead?


As far as I know its a regular dead lift except you start on the rack in a cage.


Like Konsti?


i’ve tried these before. since you aren’t starting from the floor, you can use the stretch reflex to rebound off the floor which should add some considerable weight to your normal deadlift. i didn’t like them though. i had a hard time finding my groove with the heavier weights.


ive seen scott yard do something like this except he doesnt touch the ground on the bottom. he starts with a rack pull and then the pins are pulled and he lowers with controlled speed and then has a training partner give an up call three inches above the floor. i cant remember why he does this but he explained it in detail to my training partner. he rotates them regularly in with his deadlift movements. if u go onto his log at elite he has a few videos of himself doing them.