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Anyone do Cooking in Bulk?

i want to start doing this but need some advice for this to be effective from experienced bulk cookers. (a few days to a week’s worth of cooking!). i have no idea how to store anything since i just plop old stuff into the refridgerator uncovered and stuff. or i leave it out and hope it doesn’t kill me later when i eat it.

http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/ will help you get started on stopping you waste food and playing with your life in the process.

http://www.cookingbynumbers.com/frames.html can help you deal in a sensible way with leftovers.

http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=just-how-harmful-are-bisphenol-a-plastics is interesting wrt the plastic container discussion.

The rest is pretty much: cook, keep in a proper way (in most cases freeze), eat.


thanks! i will look into those

quick question: i need to bring foods to school, so how should i defrost my foods (no access to microwave)?

[quote]kickureface wrote:
thanks! i will look into those

quick question: i need to bring foods to school, so how should i defrost my foods (no access to microwave)? [/quote]

I guess you could defrost them, cook them till piping hot at home, let them cool again and then take them in and eat cold with an ice pack to keep fresh.

Just an idea…

if i dont have time, i’ll eat stuff without reheating it. chicken, black beans, etc. i’m not sure how safe/unsafe it is, but i havent died yet.

Cooking in bulk is the only way to go if you’re serious about your food intake. Right now I’ve got 5 quarts of mixed veggies and a 6 quart crock pot of chicken and veggies cooking for this week, I’ll probably make a pot roast in the middle of the week…other than that, the only cooking I’ll have to do this week is breakfast. Invest in a big ass crock pot/slow cooker, find some recipes for foods you like…roasts, soups, stews, chili etc. and go to town. I usually keep half of a batch in the fridge in single serving tupperware, and freeze the other half in freezer bags for use at a later date.

I like using frozen vegetables…the veggies keep the meat cold as they thaw out. You end up eating room temp. (or cool) food and its pretty good

There are a lot of foods you can eat cold - I normally bring two cold meals (salad with eggs, fish, meat or cheeses) with homebaked bread (with eggs, cheese … you get the idea) for my 11.00 and 16.00 meals. Lunch is always warm, but I’ve got a microwave at work.

Protein rich stuff can get bad, and once you’ve had food poisoning, you may want to learn about food safety (if you don’t die of it before that):

Also, technology has moved on and you can get containers that will keep food hot for a long time, so you can have a stew or something similar hot for long times.

I tend to cook in bulk for my lunches (my freezer allows me to keep eight lunches in advance), and I prepare bread and salads every two to three days in advance.

Hope that helps.