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Anyone Do Burpees for Conditioning?


I couldn't run on Saturday because of snow so I knocked out some good old fashioned burpees. 15 sets with a minute rest between. I did 15 reps the 1st set but that was a bit much so 10 reps for the next 14 sets. 155 reps in a little over 20 minutes.

I'm thinking a weight vest could be added. Dumbbells could be used. Add a pushup at the bottom.

Does anyone still do these? If not, what are you doing for conditioning work when stuck inside?


Weight vest, do them under a pullup bar, add the pullup at the end.


Burpees is a great conditioning tool....if you challenge yourself.I used to compete in combat sports(wrestling,karate,kickboxing,bjj) and I read Ken Shamrocks autobiography where he used burpees as a training tool .I adopted this along with the bodyweight squats and it did wonders for me.If you didnt really feel challenged ,I would use the weighted vest,which I eventually had to do or decrease rest in b/t sets.Also try using the the tabata method with it(what I use now to stay in shape)


Burpees are great for team sport or stuck inside with limited space and equipment.

Definite love/hate for them.


I know Gregron who posts here has talked about doing burpees with a weighted vest and said he's gotten some killer results, so maybe he can chime in.


The pullup is a good idea and works with my home setup. Thanks


They got me breathing and sweating a little. Wasn't nearly as hard as a sprinting session but a good option when outside isn't doable. Thanks for the tip on Ken Shamrocks, I'll give him a google.


I am a huge advocate of these...Honestly doing a lot of them with a 50lb weight vest has helped my delt development a ton. Not to mention the conditioning aspect on them.


Could you go into detail on how you do them? After a workout, for a cardio day, set/rep structure, rest periods, etc. I'd like to get an idea of what I should be aiming for.


I have a serious love hate relationship with weighted burpees.

I do weighted burpees (either with my weight vest or holding dumbbells) unless I'm doing them as part of a circuit. If I'm doing a circuit thing for conditioning I'll sometimes skip the weight.

My goal is always max height on my jump. It makes a huge difference (IMO) on the difficulty of the exercise of you're actually trying to jump as high as you can every time.

Burpees are awesome and if you have a high pullup bar then burpee pull ups are a good variation. Unfortunately I don't have that. I only have to jump like 8 inches to grab the pull up bar and that's lame


i use them tons of different ways, sometimes in circuits sometimes in ladders sometime just a certain amount for time. For instance, for your conditioning on day do 13 burpees a minute for 30 minutes. i guarantee you will work harder than you did on a treadmill.

If you want more ideas of what i use them for check this out. http://5100block.com/Warrior-Athlete

I'd say like 90% of those are done with a 50+ lbs weight vest on.


Jesus dude. How many do you knock out when max jumping? I'd be done after 5...


I've done sets of 4x10 before while holding a 45lb dumbbell in each hand

usually do sets of 10 or 12 when wearing my weight vest (25lbs) but you have to remember I dont jump as high as you do lol

I always do 60 seconds rest between sets.


Thanks for the input guys.

Regarding the weight vest I've been looking at an X Vest but it's fairly expensive. If it's really worth it I don't mind paying the extra. Any thoughts on the expensive vests at Elite Fitness vs the cheap one at NY Barbells?




As far as vests go, you're going to want something that you can secure to your body. You're going to want to be able to tighten it up so it doesn't move around. That second or you posted would e flopping around all over the place and you don't want that. Mine is really nice (I got it when I was still in the military from my team) I'll look at what brand it is when I go to the gym and I'll let you know so that you'll have mor options.

Those vest from EFS are nice because you can add and subtract weight if you'd like but like you said they are expensive. You could always hold onto a pair of dumbbells until then. I actually like using the dumbbells better than the vest sometimes because the pushup portion of the burpee is better IMO


Haha, I'm sure it's all relative brother. I'll try these out [no weight] and report back.


Burpees are awesome for conditioning, try prison style burpees for a true test.
Start at 1 burpee, rest, then 2, rest, then 3rest, all the way upto 20 and back down all the way to 1.
The rests are normally a little walk to recover but usually 5 to 60secs long. I got to a point where i could do these everyday after my regualr training but wouldn't reccommend it but my best time iirc was only about 17mins.

ps the burpees also have a pressup, so down, legs out, pressup, legs in, jump. Truly brutal!


of course it does... it wouldnt be a burpee without it then would it?


The vest I have is from this company. I didnt see it offered on here anymore cause its older i guess, but its pretty similar to the one in this link.


they are really comfortable and you can strap it on so it doesnt move around at all really.


True but people do that many variations i had to just make sure ie no jump or pressup, just down, out, in, stand is classed as a burpee to alot of people.