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Anyone Do a First Cycle at 40?

Just thinking out loud, has anyone ran their first cycle at 40? What were the results?

Nope I did my first at 60 :-0


Did my first blast at 49, been cruising and blasting ever since


40… pshh, still in your prime man. Just make sure you’ve been lifting consistently for a few years, your diet is on point, and your truly ready. Take into account you could end up on TRT for life. I’ve found that I have more side effects with E2 management when I was younger, but that could just be me. Good luck.


Haha ok ok, well what happened?! Did you guys start packing on new muscle? Fat loss?

Yup. Not instantly but I’ve recomped my body over that time.

I did both, fat and muscle, but it took close to two years. A crap load of planning a small forture in food and 5 days a week 90 minutes minium at the gym.
Its not a magic pill. You don’t shootup a load of T and in the morning you have transformed into the hulk. Well OK if you buy some badshit you might turn green over night, haha
For me it allowed me to add 4-5 reps to each set before the pain was too much. I would recover in 24 hours not 48. But if you are not willing to put in the work not much happens. You get extra horny thats a freeby.
Good luck do your homework get your body ready for all that extra work.