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Anyone Dealing w/ Athlete's Foot?


Not sure if this is in the right forum but I am guessing that if you put in enough time in the gym it can/will/maybe happen to you. It did to me, anyway. Starting to annoy the hell out of me & is making DLs, squatting, & calf work a tad painful.

Before I run off to the dr. or clinic I was wondering if anyone else on T-Nation is suffering through or has suffered through athlete's foot & what you did to treat it... I have recently started wearing flip-flops more often now in the shower, drying my feet thoroughly, etc.

I am using Tinactin & it does not seem to work all that well; if anything it feels like my foot is burning in that area I spray it...

Anyone else have any suggestions/treatment ideas before I book an appointment? btw I'm pre-diabetic so that might be making the case worse so I need to get that situation righted out as well...

Any helpful comments/advice is appreciated. Thank you.


Give the medication a few days to work.It dosen't go away overnight...at least not for me.


No sort of skin funk on the foot can stand the light of day. if you walk barefoot enough outside and inside your feet will never get such funk. So try doing that as a preventative. Wear shoes as little as possible.

To get rid of what you have right now -- soak them twice daily for 20 minutes or so in Black Tea.


Tinactin is crap - period.

In the US, you can pick up a real anti-fungul cream called Lamisil. It used to be an over the counter medication in Canada, but it's now a prescription. Apply it 3 times and day and it'll be gone in no time flat.

A couple things you CAN do though, is to create a 50/50 solution of bleach and water, put it into a spray bottle and keep it in the shower (granted you really can't take it to the gym with you, but it's great at home). When you're in the shower, spray your feet with the solution as this will help kill the fungus. This will also help clean the fungus from your own shower, for if you have it, the chances of you passing it off to anyone that uses your shower at home are really high.

Ensuring your feet and toes are 110% dry is a huge factor. I read somewhere that someone swore by using a hair dryer on their feet to ensure they're all totally dry. Not sure I'd go to that extreme, but......

If you have an overly advanced case, there is an oral prescription medication you can take for 6 months that kills the fungus under the nail. It kills it from the inside out (as the nail grows).

If you've let it go too long, the fungus can actually "warp" your nails. If this happens, you may clear up the fungus with any of the above treatments, but you'll be stuck with these warped nails. The only solution to this is to see a foot doctor to have your toenails removed. Strangly enough, this is a very common procedure for people that are lifeguards (around pools). I knew a guy that had to have this done and he said it was the best thing he ever did, as he was so self-concious of his feet and toes as they looked like something out of a horror movie.

Best of luck.


LOL all my life I've been barefoot most of the time @ home. Guess what? Walking around the gym / shower area @ the gym barefoot is how I got it :frowning:

I've had it now (on & off?) for the past few months. Sucks, trust me.

btw the cracking is UNDER the third toe, between the 2nd & third toe... No nails are involved, thank goodness. But man it can itch like a mofo & I don't want this getting any worse.

Going to the clinic later this week to freak out the doctor on call. Hope he prescribes Lamisil or something since TINACTIN is apparently useless


OMG, you guys are idiots.

Get in the shower & piss on your feet for cryin' out loud!


Tea tree oil works best for me.


I second walking around bare footed as much as possible. I have had athlete's foot for quite a while and it helped a lot.


Get air to the foot, piss on your feet, wash them,...and I have found recently that for athlete's foot and jock itch, one of the best treatments is Stridex acne pads. I started using them in the shower and i havent had a bad itch in months since i started using them.


Maybe you could dry bending your lazy ass over and washing in between your toes and then drying them when done?


Good call; thanks!