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Anyone Conceive While on TRT?

I’ve seen lots of advice about how to conceive while on TRT but very few people who have actually done it. Has anyone got their wife/girl pregnant while on TRT? I’ve been on HCG since day one. I recently increased my HCG dose to 500iu EOD.

If you conceived a child while on TRT, what was your protocol?

Curious about this too


Took one of those at home sperm tests a few days ago and the line for normal levels showed up very faint so I’m guessing that I’m probably low normal? Currently trying for child #4

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I have 3 very close friends on TRT that are all on 200mg/week with occasional blasts 500mg+ and all three have multiple kids conceived while on T. TOT Revolution has a podcast devoted to the subject and Jay Campbell himself has multiple kids while on TRT. There’s multiple threads both here and in Pharma of those who conceived on TRT.

I worked in medical device sales in NYC. When starting TRT that was one of the issues that I worried about. I had access to two of the most well known fertility docs in NYC and both said it’s a non-issue. That they’ve never had anyone become completely infertile from TRT. Some may require extra steps compared to others with worse case scenario being coming off TRT for a period.


Twice, on 400mg twice weekly testosterone, 100mg twice weekly Winstrol V, 40mg Dianabol, 20mg Anavar.

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Anything to promote fertility? HCG or similar?

So after roughly 10 months of trying - we’re finally pregnant. We only had success after I got off Test completely and performed a clomid based restart. It took 3 months after dropping the test for sperm health to recover. I don’t know for sure if the clomid was required but wanted to cover all my bases. Also, I have been taking HCG since day 1 of my TRT protocol. So, at least in my experience, HCG isn’t really fool proof for preserving fertility while on TRT.

Hopefully this will help others who want kids in the future.

1/30: Last T shot
2/3: Started clomid at 25 mg/day and 500 iu HCG EOD
2/20: Last HCG dose, continued clomid 25 mg/day
3/11: Last clomid dose
5/26: Positive pregnancy test

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Awesome! Do you have sperm tests along the way showing it took that long to recover? I’m going to be trying for kids soon, I’m 6 weeks or so in on HCG, hopefully that will end up being enough

You’re asking men on trt, if they’ve conceived?

Huh? I’m asking @wx14 something, and he’s not on TRT, so I guess that’s a no?

No, I didn’t do a sperm test until about 2 weeks before we conceived. It was an at home test made by “YO”. The results were that I had a healthy amount of motile sperm. I was too impatient to try HCG alone but read of other who had luck with that method. Just remember it takes roughly 3 months for any changes to show in your sperm health after changing protocol. Best of luck!

Look at the title of the thread. The question was to the OP.