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Anyone Competing in Men's Physique?

How many people here are competing in the MPD? Im going to compete for the first time next spring.

There was one guy who ahd posted up a thread a few months back in this forum (BBing), I think he was from Fla as well as another guy in the RMP forum who is currently prepping for one (after dropping like 50 lbs). Can’t recall the names at the moment, maybe someone else can chime in…


Yeah I have the rmp thread and am prepping for an aug show. Been playing with interval sprints since I made that thread and have been able to significantly increase calories, and still lost 2lbs.

Also OP, I noticed you are in California, I am as well. Do you have a show picked out that you are considering? I would love to hear how another newb is approaching prepping and training.

Sent you PM Blake. If anyone else is competing in MPD , PM me