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Anyone Competing at the Capital City Open?


Hey everyone, don't post here much but I was just wondering if any DC area lifters are gonna be at the Capital City Open April 9th. I am really excited as this will be my first comp! Plan on opening at 75 kg for snatch and 90 kg for C&J. Right now I weigh about 83 kg.


So its in less than 2 weeks? I may sign up. I go to school in MD. Never competed before either.

I will look into it right now. If I do, I'll probably open with a 75 kg snatch trying for 90 and a 100 kg clean & jerk trying for 120. I weight 85 kg.


I will be competing. I have signed up.


just incase you md area lifters are interested. usaw holds a camp in lancaster pa, at millersville university. check the usaw site, i think its gonna be june 13-18. i went last year and it was amazing. all you can eat cafeteria, 3x daily, pool and college style dorms. 2-3 training sessions a day with great lifters and great coaching. only 500$ not bad


That sounds like a great opportunity. Not sure if I will be in the area over the summer, but I will take a look.

About this competition, I am signed up and a friend of mine also signed up. He will be competiting in the 69 or 77 class, I don't remember his weight. First comp for him too! I might be getting one more friend to go, but unsure since the deadline is midnight tonight.


I'll be there with my older brother. He will be in the 94 class and it will be his first comp too.


I managed to get one more friend, another novice, to come too. So three from my school! I hope to meet you there. Never met someone from T-Nation besides people I already knew.


I THINK ill be there. I am somewhat apprehensive because I heard about this a few weeks ago and couldn't find any registration information until Tuesday, sent it in yesterday, and got a reply saying "This is a day late." Ill see what the deal is I guess next week.


Im gonna compete in the novice as an 85kg. Gonna try and hit a body weight snatch and around 110 clean and jerk only been olympic lifting 3months so we shall see how it all pans out.


I am also competing in that class. Good luck!