Anyone Come Off TRT, Break, and Do HCG Monotherapy?

Anyone try to take a break from blasting and cruising and either come off to give body a break (which I did once and would never do again, felt like death) or go on hcg monotherapy to get balls back in action etc.

Loaded question, but anyone ever do a successful Hpta restart? Not sure why this interests me with 10 failed attempts, on trt x 6 years and highest natural TT was 388 at age 29 (12 years ago now)?

At 41 maybe I’m having a mid life crisis and wish I was on nothing at all but deep down I know that’s not a possibility if I ever really want to feel good. Just wish I had big balls and a natural TT of 900!

Thats easy. You take your dose of Testosterone EOD and you inject 100iu of HCG EOD. Im cruising with big balls feeling very natural, otherwise keep dreaming.

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Doubtful if you’ve had 10 failed attempts. On a side note, one of the best side effects on TRT for me is reduced ball size… so much more room… maybe I’m an outlier; but I’ve had my kids. Bye bye balls.

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I like my balls big so they hit my wife’s butt like wrecking balls! lol