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Anyone Collect Can Tabs (Dialysis)

Ok, so for a while now my uncle and Dad have been collecting can tabs to help someone on a dialysis machine. So, they’ve been getting everyone they know to collect tabs too.

I find it annoying to take the tab off when all along I was like this makes no sense how a tab could do any good. If anything you would think the whole can would be a smarter option.

anyways, so we’re at a party last night and I finally call BS on it and look it up on google. Snopes is the first site that popped up and it dismissed the idea that collecting tabs is a real deal to help people. It placed the actual recycle value of 100 tabs at 3.5 cents.

I tell this to my cousin and her husband and they are fighting me about how do I know it’s not real and why do I trust some website.

Absolutely amazing what people will believe at face value without ever questioning it.
I’m telling them to think logically about it and they don’t want to hear it and say well if it’s not hurting anyone why should it matter.

Guess it just annoys me that people blindly believe something and then when you give them evidence to the contrary they argue harder, lol.

ps- anyone collect tabs? lol

And yet charities accept them and collect money for them.

yeah…but not for such a noble cause.

theres this liquor store in New Hampshire that gives a free keg for a gallon (milk, water, whatver) filled with tabs from cans.

i bet you the people who invented the scam are just masterminding a way to get that free keg.

I’ve never even heard of this.

I collect them. I have no idea why. I just pass them along to the people who say they’re good for dialysis.

I’m sure you can get something for them - they are the only part of the can that is still pure aluminum.

Internet hoax

It is no hoax that charities collect them although some of the stories that go with it are untrue.

The Ronald McDonald House collects huge bagfuls of them.

Aluminum is one of the most post consumer recycled materials out there.

It may not be worth the expense but it happens.

interesting, thanks for the link.

funny how it was actually an urban legend, but then someone decided they would do something about it.